Monday, June 2, 2014

Simple eye makeup up for Summer!

Products I used:
1) Eyeshadow primer~ I used eyeshadow base from NYX in the color skintone.

2) Lid color~ Maybelline quad

3) Crease color~ NYC trio # 785, Central Park Plums

4) Eyebrow highlight~ I used a Mac shadow in the color Vanilla, but any white shade will do

5) Mascara and eyelash curler~ Maybellines 'The Falsies'/ Eyelash curler from Ardell lashes

6) Eyeliner~ Rimmel London Kahki/ Kohl liner

7) Lip gloss~ NYX butter gloss in the color Creme Brulee

Let's Get Started Ladies!

1) Simple face makeup~ The first thing you want to do is start off with a fresh face of makeup. You can see my previous tutorial on how to achieve a natural face for summer by clicking HERE. Everybody starts off there makeup differently. I've always done my face makeup first and then do my eye makeup, but do it anyway that you'd like.

2) Eyeshadow base~ We're going to start off this look with an eyeshadow base. This is going to help our eye shadows stay put throughout the day.You can just take your finger and apply this product. Make sure your hands are clean first!

3) Lid color~ For the lid color, we're going to be using a soft brown color. You can use a flat eyeshadow brush to apply and just pack it onto your eyelid.

4) Crease color~ Defining your crease is good way to bring some depth to your eyes. I've decided to go with a grayish brown color for the crease. It's not too dark, so it's just going to give that perfect shadow in your crease that you want when defining that part of your eye. Be sure to blend this out well. We don't want it to be to be too dark.

5) Lower lash line~ We're going to be taking that same color that we used for our crease and apply it to our lower lash line to give this simple look a little bit of smokiness to it! Just gently apply the color and don't take it too far into the inner corner of the eye. Take it about half way and this will make your eyes look a little bigger.

6) Highlighting~ Highlighting right under your brow with a white eyeshadow is going to give the effect that your brows are nice and lifted. This is an awesome trick! Taking that same white shade, you can also apply it to your cupids bow. This is going to make that part of your lip look more defined and sexy. (ooh yeeah)

7) Lashes~ I flippin' love false eyelashes! They give such an open look to your eyes and they really help to complete a look, but we're not going to be using those in this tutorial. We're going natural, baby! (kind of). So, first start off by curing your lashes and then apply a couple coats of your favorite mascara. You can also add a coat to your bottom lashes if you'd like. I always do!

8) Eyeliner~ Since we're creating a natural, open look to our eyes, the best color to use for eyeliner is a tan or khaki color. This is really going to open up your eyes and make them look awake.

9) Lip gloss~ The final step is always a lip stick or a lip gloss. I would usually use a coral or nude lip gloss/ lipstick for this natural eye look, but if you'd like to use a bright pink then you go girl!

The look is finished! I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and that you try this out! Thanks for reading beauties!
                                                   XOXO, Kate

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