Friday, June 27, 2014

Hot Glue Lace Flower Tutorial- Hair Clip Tutorial

This is a great way to make a lace flower to attach to a hair accessory or purse… Basically anything that won’t be submerged in water to be washed will probably be just fine.

This should be pretty simple and quick. Start off with a glue gun; two felt circles and a piece of lace (from 18-36", depending on the felt circle size). I used 1" circles and about 24" of lace.

 NOTE: The lace I used is not necessarily the right kind for you. Many people use lace that is more gathered to begin with to achieve a flatter look. You can get the two kinds of lace here and here.

 Make a small line of glue around the edge of one of your circles (I used 1” circles, but you can use bigger if you’d like). Right side up, press the edge of the lace into the line of glue around the edge.

 Continue to line the glue around the felt circle in the same direction, making a spiral as you go.

 Make rounds with the glue and lace until it looks as full as you’d like it to be. Stick something in the center.

If you’re making this into a hair clip, please continue. If you’re not, you’re done!

 Put your second felt circle in the clip. Run your glue gun around the underside of the clip and all around the circle. Stick it to the back of the lace flower, and that's it! Here’s what I did with mine:

All done! Super easy, right?!

- Bethany <3

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