Sunday, September 27, 2015

One Big Sale Day- November 14

Hey buddies! This will be an updating post, so go ahead and hit the little star in your web address box, or pin it, or tweet it, or however you store webpages to reference later... Do that. We'll be updating this list frequently with lists of shops who are participating in this giant sale!

You'll be able to go to lots of shops all across the interwebs, use one code, and be guaranteed at least 20% off all of it! The code is: OBSD15. It'll be good one day only, November 14, 2015.

Come back soon to see all the shops participating!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happy Autumn!

The best season of the year arrived today! Unfortunately for Californians like myself (and other warm staters), we'll have to wait a bit for the cool weather that comes with it, but, it's officially soon! 

I'm ready for scarves, boots, boot cuffs, hats, hot chocolate, crisp weather, rain storms, and most of all, warm fires. I love the fall colors on everything, and everyone all bundled up in cute coats and fun mittens. 

Ready. For. It. 

Anywho, let's do this-

First, Adore by Nat. We share her tags, and other paper crafts, on almost every list. Do you know why? I will tell you. 

It's because she has something for every theme, occasion, or time of year that exists. She does them all fantastically. If you need invitations, tags, favor tags, thank you cards, invitations, cupcake toppers, banners, party centerpieces.... If you need stuff that is made from paper and is also adorable, you need Adore by Nat. 

Furthering your decor needs, Ky*Elle Kreations has burlap eeeeeeverything! Banners, wreaths, and the most beautiful pumpkins you will see in your life. Her colors are full and brilliant, and her combinations are really fun! Your whole house and porch will be in season and look perfectly coordinated!

Crafting Memories has a really fun range of different items in her shop, but her perfect autumn items happen to go together, and go with our other decor shops! She makes these pretty memory boards, and she offers stunning photographs to go in them! Whether you use them together or frame the photo separately, it's sure to add the beauty of autumn colors to your walls.

If you need a frame for your photographs from Crafting Memories, Handmade Moms, LLC has got your back. The button frame is the perfect colors, and has enough detail to be interesting, but not so much it takes away from the photo ;) These creative moms also have a gorgeous fall basket that would be perfect for your main event table, with the Adore by Nat ones on the others!

While you're planning your party decor from the shops above, why not visit Sweet Pea Designs by Dee and pick up a dress (or five) for the adorable little lady in your life! The fabrics used are to *die for*, and she is known to have fantastic quality. You just don't get consistent 5-star reviews for nothing.

And further, you can stop by Weil'd Hair and Accessories to coordinate and adorable bubble gum necklace with the dress and party decor! Also known for her quality work and beautiful color combinations, Weil'd Hair and Accessories offers many designs to fit your needs, and takes custom orders!

Got a furbaby? What am I saying, doesn't everyone?!

Well, Lucky Dog Accessories has the cuuuuutest dog collar flowers! So, you can coordinate your decor to the little girls outfits, with matching necklaces, and a dapper dog to go along with it. Or cat, I suppose, if you've got a tolerant one. Us crafters cover those bases.

Check out Lucky Dog Accessories to see everything she has available. It's a really fun shop to go through!

And because we can't leave the ladies out, we have beautiful items from Pelhuaz, SamMarie's ArtistryShabby Chic Soap Company, and Down with Plumes!

Pelhuaz has gorgeously simple jewelry, which is totes my thing. I know a lot of ladies like simple jewelry that packs a punch, which is why Pelhuaz deserves a solid spot on this (and every other) list. With simple pieces that provide a pop of color, her jewelry is beautiful for every day wear. 

SamMarie's Artistry is right along the same lines, but with a different flare. Her jewelry is still simple and beautiful, but her style is very different from Pelhuaz, yet equally desirable. I especially dig this galaxy necklace, which is available in quite a few colors!

Shabby Chic Soap Company is like Adore by Nat. There is literally something for every season and occasion you could imagine, and her quality is amazing with great scents. As I've mentioned before, her soap is a staple in this house. 

Lastly, for ladies who like to have a bit of drama in their wardrobe, Down with Plumes has tiny top hats that fit with the autumn colors! Great for tea parties, garden parties, birthdays, and many other events, these little hats are made with repurposed materials, vintage lace, and beautiful filigree. 

There you have it, folks! Get to shopping ;)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

World Teacher Day

Growing up, I had a lot of great teachers. Some because they were kind, some because they were well informed, and some because they taught me quality life lessons. But there's one who stands out among the rest. 

I was always a language-focused child. I was good with grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and reading. I took French classes from a relatively young age, and it always came easily to me. I was very lucky in that way. 

In high school, I had one teacher who taught me more than language skills- he helped me understand the importance of personal voice. Not just in writing, but in every aspect of creation and life. That the way I feel is important and worth nurturing. 

When I think back and try to imagine where my blogging road began, I can clearly trace it to a single day, where I learned that writing isn't about structure and syntax. It's about the uniqueness of every person's voice, and the power that resides within. Because of him, I sit here today, writing this blog post. He didn't show me the path to being a millionaire or how to ace the SATs, but he did lead me to something I love to do, in the outlet I choose to use it. 

Without that one teacher, I could be very different person today. And I don't want to be. 

Think about your teachers you had, and the fond memories you made with them. Remember that your children will grow up to have similar memories , and they might not get a chance to thank their teachers as adults. Remember that you can pay it forward to those teachers, for the ones you had that you appreciate. 

World Teacher Appreciation Day is October 5. Even if all you can do is thank your child's teacher, don't let it go by unnoticed. However, if you want to do more, we've compiled a list of awesome teacher appreciation gifts that are handmade with love, easy to order, fantastic quality, and full of heart. 

First up, we have the ever-fabulous Weil'd Hair and Accessories. She can create something in pretty much any theme you can think of, with quality materials and gorgeous color schemes. Here are a few examples, but really, the sky is the limit on these.

If the teachers in your life cherish their classroom decor, Adore by Nat can help you! She has beautiful paper crafts of all sorts, but such an adorable banner would be perfect for upbeat, spirited classrooms. 

Handmade Moms LLC always has super cute school themed stuff, and this is no different. Everything in this shop is made by a pair of moms, so you know they're good at teacher appreciation. Check out all the options they have available; from wreaths to clip boards!

Similarly, Crafting Memories has adorable memo boards that are great for the classroom, office, or home! Everyone needs somewhere to store important papers or memorable photos, and this is an effective and fun way to do it!

lf you've got special needs teachers in your life, Bayou Vue (formerly Camille's Charms) has got you covered. These autism awareness earrings will surely touch the heart of any special needs teacher, and let them show off their pride in their students. 

Pelhuaz has it on lock for any female teacher. From simple, universal pieces to specifically themed items, she's got it all. Peruse her shop and find something beautiful to give to a teacher with a beautiful soul. 

I know this has all been a huge lovefest for teachers, but let's look at a hard fact for a second- kids are gross. They bring countless germs, runny noses, and dirt from who knows where into a room where an adult has to corral them all.  By the end of the day, I'm sure teachers want few things more than a shower to wash it all off. 

Thankfully, Shabby Chic Soap Company is here for them. She has many amazing themed soaps, but this apple soap is adorably appropriate and, I promise you, it smells amazing.

On the same note, it must be very trying to talk all day long. Whether it's telling little ones not to eat something weird, asking semi-little ones where their homework is, or trying to get through to big kids, it must never end. I can't imagine how chapped they must feel by the end of the day. 

Nerdtastic was thoughtful enough to bring up that point, and offered her lip balms for this list. As a small gift or in a gift basket, teachers will appreciate you thinking about what they go through all day long.

BeeBee and Jack and The Purple Monkey both have great gifts for teachers in cooler climates. Whether they like hot tea or coffee, cup cozies from The Purple Monkey are a great option! At only $6 shipped, you could get one of those and the absolutely stunning scale cowl from BeeBee and Jack. I bet if you asked them reeeeeeeally nicely, they'd work together and make you a matching set ;)

Finally, I thought I'd thrown in one of my own creations this time. This is a Charlotte City Tote, and she's a great size. Perfect for carrying all kinds of stuff, I can customize this bag to fit your needs, and will be adding more styles very soon! You can see more like it at Down with Plumes

So don't forget- October 5 is the day, worldwide, to show teachers how much you appreciate them.