Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mother's Day Goodness

I don't mean to start this with the most obvious statement in the history of humanity, but- moms are awesome

Bringing another life into this world offers the opportunity to go from "good human" to "great human." Not all are up to the challenge, but those that are change our world every single day. I know this is, like, a list of stuff, but I'm going to tell you a little about the moms in my life first. 

So, I grew up mostly with my dad. Not by my mother's choice, but that's a long story for a different day. Growing up with a dad (or just a dad) has it's benefits, it's fun moments, and it's own outcome, but moms are different. Until I was 16, I only had strong mother figures in my life every other weekend, on holidays, and during summer vacations. But, when I moved to my mom's house, it all changed, and I got a crash course in what it's like to be mothered. 

All of a sudden, I had my mom, Gramma, and my aunt, all within a mile of my house. The change wasn't as radical as you might assume, but it was quite different. It gave me an opportunity I'll never regret having- I got to see what moms were like around their kids (by "kids", I mean extended children as well). I got to see what the women with my blood line were doing, what worked, and what didn't (I've always been one to watch and build mental patterns, so I pick up on stuff like this unwillingly). 

It gave me a chance to see that my Gramma was just as tough as she was kind. That my aunt is just as patient as she is strict. That my mom could suck up her losses, work her ass off, and do for her kids. I got to see them work together to pull off some of the most fabulous Christmas Days and birthday cakes that anyone has ever experienced. 

Here's the thing about all this, though... If I asked any of them today about the moments I remember that make a difference in my life, they likely wouldn't remember them. Do you know why that is? I don't, but I have a guess. It's because, in those moments, they were just being moms. They were doing what they did day in, and day out. They don't see the amazing acts in each day, because that's just what they do. They didn't realize the impact an intricate celestial cake or a simple day out would have, because they were just doing what made them happy- being a rockin' mom.

So, to summarize, moms are awesome, and they generally don't realize how awesome (that's why those Dove campaigns work). Don't let this Mother's Day go unnoticed because the mothers you love so completely never let you go unnoticed. 

Okay, I'm to the point now, I swear.

As you've seen time and again, I have this little group of super duper talented women, and we make stuff with our hands (like the gangstressi gangstresses gangstresseese we are (still no clear pluralization for that)). So we have some fantastic ideas for you on how to show the moms in your life how much you care :) Here we go:

Merchant3114 brings us something practical. Gifted with bright, beautiful flowers, matching towels and kitchen curtains- this is a great gift for the mom who spends lots of time in the kitchen! Washing dishes is legit a drag, but it is way more tolerable with hot pink wash cloths! You could also make a gift basket filled with lovely bath and spa items, including these cloths for the bathroom!

For the mom who loves wrist candy, Crafting Memories presents this adorable "Mom" bracelet! It's simple and pretty, and fits most wrist sizes! This is a great way for mom to remember every day of the year how fantastic you made Mother's Day 2015.

In case you weren't aware, KyElle Kreations makes absolutely stunning wreaths. She has tons available in her shop, many with customization, that would give your mother something lovely to hang in her home or on her front door. There are tons of colors available, but I chose this one because it's bright, spring-esque, and totally fun!

As a mom, I'm bringing you some real talk right now- Shabby Chic Soap Co.'s soaps are seriously luscious. My son and I both use them regularly, and her shop has soooooooo many options, you can literally find a gift for any type of mom. For this list, though, we're focusing on these absolutely mesmerizing personalized photo soaps. Don't ask me how she does this, because I seriously have no clue, but they are the most personalized
soaps around!

For moms who are coffee lovers (and let's be honest, that's the heart and soul of the coffee-buying market), The Purple Monkey has these cute coffee cozies! They're great for winter, but as I've discovered, they're fantastic with iced coffee too! They help keep the cup from sweating all over the place AND help keep the drink cooler. Win-win!

If you want the best chance of bringing a tear to mom's eye this Mother's Day, this is my vote- Lisie's Pieces makes the most stunning family tree art pieces. They're personalized with the family name in the roots of the tree, which is a beautiful and thoughtful idea. You can add little birdies and have your leaves in spring or autumn tones!

From my shop, I'm showing you this stunning ribbon and pearl bead necklace. It comes in other colors as well, but the teal against the white on this one makes me happy. It's easy to wear, super light, and brings a pop of color to any outfit! 

BeeBee and Jack, one of my favorite shops out there, makes the most amazing dragon scale cowls. I have one (of course) and woah. Your mom needs one too. Unless she lives close to the equator and it's never cold there. 
She has them ready-to-ship in two colors, and I was so torn on choosing what color to show you that I gave up and am showing you both. 

Weil'd Hair and Accessories, my most favorite chunky necklace shop, makes the cutest "Mommy & Me" sets! This one is just an example of what's available, but if the mom in your life loves to twin with her baby girl, these are for you! She can customize any colors and styles you'd like, so check her out!

Last, but most certainly not least, we have Handmade Moms LLC's adorable button picture frame! Filled with photos of people your mom loves, this gift is personal, functional and creative! Extra points on this one if your mom is crafty, gold stars all around if she sews ;)

Well, ladies and gents, I think you have a good idea of what's out there for Mother's Day. Don't wait, because it's right around the corner!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Arbor Day Gorgeousness

Arbor Daaaayyyyy!!! I live in an area with lots and lots and lots of trees. I chose this place mainly because of that fact. I have a tree tattooed on my arm. It's safe to say I love trees, so it's also safe to say I love Arbor Day. 

I'm going to bring you into my brain with me, and then we'll start this list. First, the obvious- trees are awesome because they keep us alive. They provide shade, fruit, and turn gorgeous colors in the fall. These are all things that are wonderful, but become mundane in our day to day lives. 

Less obviously, they're awesome because they're symbols of resilience, strength, age, and beauty. The oldest organisms in our world today are trees. They've been alive longer than anything else existing. They were undoubtedly paramount in the beginning of life. They sway through storms that rip apart houses and knock down power lines. They find sustenance in areas where few other life forms can. Trees are just awesome, you guys. For realsies.  

So, we pulled together some items that represent our mutual appreciation for trees. Ready? Cause I am. 

This is our "Hands on Favorite" topiary tree centerpiece. This one is $49.95, but price is negotiable pending on style and quantity ordered (bulk discounts available) 

Our centerpieces are perfect for any party or as a wedding centerpiece. We can make them in any shape, style or color to match your event. If you are using it for a business event you can attach your business cards (or we can leave that feature off totally). Think direct sales Mark Kay or large business company events. We make wedding centerpieces too as we love custom orders!!!

This item is Handmade with a 14.5 inch in height artificial boxwood tree in a 4 inch clay pot, pink, white, and black paper flowers, a black and white polka dot bow, and an optional business card holder pick.

Adore by Nat offers many paper crafts that represent the beauty of our tall, leafy friends! You can find them at the following links:

Camille's Charms offers amazing jewelry in many different colors and styles. Today, she's showing off her breathtaking leaf earrings!

Groot Inspired soap bar. A soap Groot has been "aged" with Activated Charcoal and is resting on a sparkling galaxy of soap, more charcoal and cosmetic glitter. This soap is LIMITED EDITION and only a few more will be created so order yours before they are all gone!

Ent-Draught Lip Balm (Vanilla Coffee) inspired by the noble race of tree-folk from Lord of the Rings.

I don't know about you, but I love everything about autumn, especially the colors! This tiny top hat from Down with Plumes is a beautiful gold and red fabric with matching ribbons, fall colored leaves, a brass toned tree and a tiny brass toned fairy.

Please indicate at checkout if you would like hair pins (my first recommendation), elastic headband, plastic headband, hair comb or ribbon.

Get these items to celebrate your Arbor Day!!