Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Featured Crafter- PeeWee Princess

OH NO! It's Wednesday!!! And we're doing a Featured Crafter?? What happened BETHANY?!

Well, Tuesday was one of those days where I couldn't have successfully burned my house to the ground if I tried. NOTHING would go right at all. I hate those days.

So instead, we're doing a Wednesday post, because Wednesday is a beautiful day, free from Tuesday's overdramatic problems. Phew.

Today, we're chatting with Jennifer from PeeWee Princess. She runs an adorable little shop filled with great gifts for the kids in your life. She offers fabric letters, dolls, and plush animals. 

She also has super cute cup coozies! Since we're on the subject... What is a coozy? Isn't it a "cup cozy?" I have never heard the word "coozy" until these cup things became normal, and spellcheck certainly doesn't consider it a word, so.... Maybe I just think about things too much.

Jennifer used the best term... She is a "reformed 8-5er." She was working in Media Sales, but had a spark of creativity her whole life. Growing up, she was surrounded by creative people and did acting throughout high school and college. After she had her daughter, Megan (her own PeeWee Princess), and saw quiet books, she knew she had to create one for her daughter. 

That one little quiet book turned Jennifer into a craftmonster who's hunger could only be calmed whilst sewing. PeeWee Princess focuses on kids and their moms, providing a one-stop-shop for both!

Making that book gave Jennifer the push she needed to join crafting groups on Facebook. She's always wanted to run a handmade shop, but was nervous about it until joining a group of crafters on Facebook and seeing how supportive everyone is! There is always someone to lend an ear or share advice. 

Of all the things Jennifer makes for PeeWee Princess, her favorite item to make is her stuffed animals and dolls. As a child, Jennifer was a stuffed animal hoarder and remembers how much joy, creativity and imagination they brought her. Providing that same kind of experience to children makes Jennifer very happy to help facilitate their creativity!

Outside of crafting, Jennifer loves movies and TV series, as well as thrift stores and garage sales! She has a shop in her area that sells only vintage items, which is one of her favorites. She also loves dragonflies so much that even though her shop has nothing to do with them, she had them worked into her shop logo!

When you visit PeeWee Princess, think about the gifts you need this year. If there are any little ones or mommies in your life, you just might find the perfect gift!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Black Friday- Cyber Monday SALE!

I love every part of holiday shopping, EXCEPT the long lines and nasty attitudes Black Friday shoppers can have. The best remedy for that? Shopping from home! 

12 amazingly wonderful and unique handmade shops have brainstormed and worked together to bring you a very special Black Friday- Cyber Monday sale :) 

At each shop listed below, you'll be able to use code: HOLIDAY14 for great deals! Each shop's specific discount limitations are listed below with their logos and direct shop links :) 

Happy holidays, and happy shopping!

HCM Creations- Hand painted signs and home decor

25% off on $15 or more with code: HOLIDAY14
PeeWee Princess- Dolls and gifts for children and adults.

30% off. No minimum- with code HOLIDAY14
Handmade Moms LLC- Custom wreaths and decor.

 $5 off all orders, plus 20% off (no code required) for three holiday wreaths. Code: HOLIDAY14
Camille's Charms- Beautifully handcrafted jewelry.

20% off, no minimum. Use code: HOLIDAY14

Adore by Nat- Handmade paper crafts for every occasion.

20% off, no minimum. Use code: HOLIDAY14
Weil'd Hair and Accessories- Chunky beaded jewelry

20% off, no minimum. Use code: HOLIDAY14
SamMarie's Artistry- Gorgeous handmade jewelry

25% off $15 or more. Use code: HOLIDAY14
Sweet Pea Designs by Dee- clothing for children
Code: HOLIDAY14- 20% any purchase over $15.00 
Taryn's Treasures- bath items

15% off Starting at midnight on Black Friday and Valid through December 1st (cyber monday) at 11:45PM EST. Use code: HOLIDAY14

Blueberry Corner Quilts- Amazing quilted items

25% no minimum. Use code: HOLIDAY14
BeeBee and Jack- crocheted items.
25% off orders of $20 or more with code: HOLIDAY14

Down with Plumes- tiny top hats and accessories

25% off $20 or more with code: HOLIDAY14

Be My Full Moon- stunning dresses and accessories
Use code HOLIDAY14

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Winter Must-Have Items

Winter is such a beautiful time of year! Why not include some beautiful, unique winter items into your home to bring the outdoor feel indoors? We think it's a great idea, so we've compiled this amazing list of 8 winter items you must have!

In no particular order...
Make your Spirits bright this holiday season by adding this sign to your holiday decor! This hand painted sign measures 12x12 inches and is perfect to hang on the wall or display on your mantle or shelf!

$40.00 plus Shipping (Can ship internationally  ) 
This 1920's vintage inspired headband is gorgeous and easy to wear! The cream headband is stretchy and is decorated with sparkle and filigree!!
Adult size.
$15 shipped
Have a holly jolly Christmas. Each "twisted words" ornament features a hand stamped Christmas carol lyric and a beaded wire for hanging. These bring a unique shine to your tree with the lights reflecting off the metal.

$18 plus shipping
Golden Yellow Snowflake Chunky Necklace - Ready to ship from W(e)il'd Hair & Accessories
$20 + shipping
Does your little girl like to help in the kitchen? Here's a charming little apron from Sweet Pea Designs by Dee, perfect for the job! Holiday gingerbread men fabric with a little sparkle, and mini polka dot bodice and ruffled hem. Ties at the neck and waist. A gingerbread ruffle with two bright red buttons accent the bodice. 
This apron is reversible. Gingerbread pattern on the reverse side.

Makes a great gift,

100 % cotton. Machine wash,cold, gentle cycle. Tumble dry low.
Prices starting at $18.00
Sizes 2t-6
Earwarmer from BeeBeeandJack
$18 shipped
$38. Handmade Moms LLC's HANDmade Holiday "Handbells Silver Bells" Wreath

Our HANDmade Holiday "Handbells Silver Bells" Wreath would be lovely decor in your home over the Christmas holidays that would also last all through the winter. This beautiful vintage wreath would also be perfect as a wedding wreath as wedding bell decor or as bridal shower decor. This re-purposed silver wreath is handmade using a 12 inch wire wreath frame wrapped in 2 inch silver sheer ribbon with a sparkle edge. Adorning the wreath are 10 silver bows and 10 pairs of re-purposed vintage silver bells with red glitter.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Featured Crafter- Lisie's Pieces

We're back to Tuesday again!! This time, we're meeting with Lisa from Lisie's Pieces

During her days, Lisa is a graphic designer. But, once the creative itch starts and her day job can't fill the void, she designs custom, family-inspired artwork. To get time away from the computer, Lisa creates gorgeous, family-inspired jewelry.

She was given the opportunity to work on her designs full time when her company was hit hard by a bad economy and was forced to let her go. A blessing in disguise, I'd say. Two years later, she's working hard on her amazing shop and designing custom pieces for families!

Her shop is full of customizable artwork, mostly based around family trees. It is her signature design, and no two are ever the same. 

The trees are her favorite design to create. She loves when a customer sees the finished proof and is so excited! She is totally flattered that people want to purchase her designs as gifts or to hang in their homes.

What sets Lisie's Pieces apart is not the family tree idea, but they way the family trees are designed. Each one has the family name twisted into the roots, and each is completely hand drawn. There is no font for this part of Lisie's Pieces design... Only the mind and hands of a truly skilled designer.

Her jewelry is stunning, using unique and creative items and colors to make a piece of wearable art that truly pops! Her family tree designs even come as pendants for necklaces and keychains!

To round out your experience, Lisa is very focused on working one-on-one with every customer and ensuring the highest quality of service.

Lisa doesn't get much free time (as I'm sure you can imagine), but when she does, you'll find her at the shooting range with her ladies' club! This crafter is a dangerous one ;)

And now, ladies and gentlemen... My favorite part of this whole deal! Lisa's strange fact is... She met her husband on Myspace! Nowadays, it's becoming more and more common for spouses to meet over the internet. It seems pretty logical to me- you get the chance to have honest conversations with people, without the nerves and distractions of first or blind dates. Overall, it sounds like a pretty reasonable plan to me.

Visiting Lisie's Pieces will make you want to order a family tree for your wall! They are gorgeous, unique, and beautifully crafted. And hey, while you're there, grab a necklace or keychain version as well so you can take your beautiful artwork with you everywhere ;)

Friday, November 14, 2014

GeekVerse Sale!!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

This year, Down with Plumes is participating in a multi-vendor sales event specifically for geeky items!! Starting TONIGHT (11/14) at Midnight, you'll be able to use code XMAS14 for great deals on handmade, geeky items!

Here is the FULL list of shops (with clickable links)!! See the original post here :)

A Bit Retro //
Discount Offered: 20% off of $20 or more
Canada based, ships internationally.
AMandPMGoods // // offered: 20% off orders on Facebook and in Storenvy shop.
US based, ships internationally.
Amigurumi Man // //
Discount offered: 15% off of orders $30 or more
US based, ships internationally.
AmeliandaMediaStudio // //
Discount offered: 20% off your entire order (Excludes Gift Cards)
Located in the heart of the Midwest in Beecher, IL, USA
Happy to ship internationally, please see the rates listed in the shop.
Cheers and happy shopping!
ApareciumPrints //
Discount offered: 15% off
UK based, ships internationally.
A Very Potter Christmas //
Discount offered: 10% off items over £10
UK based, ships internationally.
Buttered Buns Studios //
Discount offered: 15% off
US based, ships internationally.
Questions: email
CeeBee’s Creations // //
Discount offered: free shipping off your order of $10 or more
US based, ships internationally.
CharmingSushi //
Discount offered: 20% off orders of £10 or more
BONUS OFFER: free bracelet with 3 or more charms, free charm with £20 SPEND (so £25 before discount~). Offers may be stacked!
UK based, ships internationally.
Chibi Tsubame Creations //
Discount offered: 15% off a $10 or more purchase
US based, ships internationally.
Crafty Chemist //
Discount offered: 20% off all Facebook orders. Message the page with the code to apply it to your order!
US based, ships internationally.
CylentBazaar // offered: 20% off purchase of $20 or more.
US based, ships internationally.
Do Bats Eat Cats? // //
Discount offered: 25% off everything
US based, ships internationally.
Down with Plumes //
Discount offered: 20% off $15 or more
US based, ships internationally.
EJMK Designs // //
Discounts offered:
15% off orders $20 or more regularly priced items.
20% off orders $50 or more regularly priced items.
Not valid for cost of shipping, special events, auctions, or previous orders.
US based, ships internationally.
Enchanted Karma Gifts // //
Discount offered: 20% off in Etsy shop and Facebook orders
US based, ships internationally.
EVLK Designs //
Discount offered: 25% off entire order
Free shipping for first 5 sales
US based, domestic shipping only.
Geek Mom Designs // //
Discount offered: 15% off
US based, ships internationally
Geeks With Scissors //
Discount offered: 15% off your total purchase.
US based, ships internationally.
HCM Creations // //
Discount offered: 25% off all items (nerdy and otherwise) on orders over $15.00 in Etsy and through Facebook message orders
US based, ships internationally.
House of Nakita //
Discount offered: 20% off entire purchase
US based, ships internationally.
Hyperenity // //
Discount offered: $10 off a $40 or more custom animation cel
US based, ships internationally.
Idzerda Designs //
Discount offered: 10% off orders of $50+
US based, ships internationally.
Imy & Me // //
Discount offered: 20%
US based, ships internationally.
Indie odyssey // //
Discount offered: 20% off purchases of $15 or more.
Canada based, ships internationally.
Jedi Lizzys Geek Boutique //
Discount offered: 20% off a purchase of $10 or more
US based, ships internationally.
kreative studios // //
Discount offered: 25% off $25 or more, first 50 customers!
US based, ships internationally.
Krystals kreations korner //
Discount offered: 15% off your order
US based, ships domestically.
Little Wonderland //
Discount offered: 20% off
US based, ships internationally.
Nerdtastic //
Discount offered: 20% off any order, first 10 customers only!
US based, ships internationally.
PixelBeadPictures // //
Discount offered: 15% off all orders over £10.00 in Etsy and custom orders!
UK based, ships internationally.
Pixel Meltdown Designs //
Discount offered: 10% off orders of $10 or more
US based, ships internationally.
Pretty Little Tragic //
Discount offered: 20% off entire order
US based, ships internationally.
Quirkish Delights //
Discount offered: 20% off for first 20 customers on orders over £15
UK based, ships internationally.
Scrubs of Love //
Discount offered: 20% Off Orders of $30 or more
US based, ships internationally.
Shabby Chic Soap Company // //
Discount offered: 20% off any order of $15 or more
US based. Ships internationally except for Italy and Turkey.
Shadow Lune //
Discount offered: 20% off purchase of $15 or more
US based, ships internationally.
Small Things For Sale Soaps //
Discount offered: 20% off orders of $10 or more
US based, ships internationally.
SparrowsTreasures // //\SparrowsTreasures
Discount offered: 10% off in Facebook and Etsy shops
US based, ships internationally.
StarkGravingMad //
Discount offered: 20% off everything
US based, ships internationally.
Sudzy Bums //
Discount offered: 20% off $1 or more
US based, ships internationally.
TC’s Girls Crafting // offered: 20% off any item in store
US based, ships internationally.
Veelightful //
Discount offered: 15% off orders of $20CDN or more
Based in Canada, ships internationally.
Wizards and Muggles // wizardsandmuggles.etsy.comPLEASE NOTE that the universal code isn’t working for this shop.
Discount offered: use code GEEK14 for 20% off of everything in the shop until they close for the holiday on 12/15.
US based, domestic only.
Wrights Originals //
Discount offered: 20% off all items
US based, ships internationally–must be contacted before purchase for international purchases.