About Us

About Us

I really don't even know what to say here. I mean, "about us"? What about us? We're just normal people, I guess. (That's a lie. A blatant, bold-faced lie. But humor me... What does normal really mean, anyway? That's something only not normal people say, huh. Well, I guess we've answered that part.)

I'm hoping the more I type, the more interesting this will become.

Obvs, we're gangstresseese. Gangstressi. Gangstresses. Gangstressaroonis. We've never really had a talk to figure out the pluralization of this made up word. I personally vote for the first version, because it's like "geese" and that's funny. We should probably do that. Some day.

I hear you asking, in your head. "What's a gangstress?" Great question, my friend. But first, a little back story.

Belinda and I (Bethany, that's me!) are fans of ironic, uncomfortable, sarcastic, and borderline silly humor. We don't take life very seriously at all. I mean, like, don't get me wrong... We do all the "adult" things, but we have fun with every possible moment we can summon out of the day. We don't whine and complain, we don't wallow in self pity or wish our worlds were different. Sure, a billion dollars would be nice, but we certainly won't wait for that to happen.

We (my husband included) really enjoy making up words. Smashing them together is fun, as is pluralizing words incorrectly. "Gangstress" is a word that uses this type of humor. It's not for everyone, and that's fine. You really don't have to think it's funny (even though, I mean, come on).

Whether or not you find it funny, it's more about empowerment. It's about feeling regular success in your life and making what you want of it. Sometimes that includes seemingly frivolous things like dresses and glitter high heels, but guess what? It's the simple things in your day- things that can be tackled and won regularly- that give you the sense of power in your own life. If you can make something more fantastic than it was before, then what else may you be capable of?

That's what we talk about on this page. How to do fun, creative, and useful things (generally on a budget because, frankly, we're cheap). We're also here to highlight awesomely creative/talented/fun ladies and their creations. This also helps you because shopping can be a real pain in the tush.

In this blog, you'll be able to find links to all different kinds of handmade shops, many of which we have personally bought from. If we haven't purchased their items ourselves, we check shop ratings, quality of images, and how easy the person is to work and communicate with. When you check out the blog page, you'll see nothing but amazing people with great, well-made products.

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