Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cut Crease Make Up Tutorial

HEY LADIES! I was inspired to try this eye look by a beauty guru I watch on YouTube, LustreLux. This is what she calls a cut crease. I am obsessed with this look lately, so I figured I would try to replicate it. ENJOY! (P.S- The pictures I have for this tutorial aren't very 'in depth'. I apologize and from now on, I will take pictures that show EXACTLY what I'm doing.)

1) NYX eye shadow base

2) Wet n Wild Coloricon bronzer in the color 'Bikini Contest'

3) Revlon single shadow in the color 'Cocoa'

4) Milani black shadow (you can get this at the drugstore)

5) Mac single shadow in the color 'Vanilla'

6) Wet n Wild Mega Liner (liquid)

7) Maybelline's 'The Falsies' mascara

8) Ardell Lashes in 'Lacies'

9) Bad gal liner by Benefit

10) NYX lip liner in 'Natural' and Wet n Wild (Fergie Line) lipstick in the color 'Fergie Daily'


STEP #1~ We're again, going to start out with our face makeup already done. I have a previous tutorial on a summer friendly face routine that you can check out if you haven't already!

STEP #2~ Take an eye shadow base, I'm using one from NYX, and put that all over your lid up to your brow bone.

STEP #3~ This isn't an eye shadow, but it works all the same! I'm taking my bronzer and applying that into my crease. Using your bronzer or blush works great for shadows if you don't have that particular color =)

STEP #4~ I'm then taking a some what darker brown shadow and applying that to the crease as well. You want to use a smaller crease brush for this because you still want to be able to see the lighter brown (bronzer) color you just applied previously.

STEP #5~ Taking a black shadow (you can use any one you have available to you) you are going to also apply this to the crease, but here's where the 'cut crease' part of the tutorial comes in. Taking an angled brush, you are going to apply this just to the outer part of the crease. You are not taking it all the way into the inner corner of the eye. You want to blend this color SLIGHTLY just so there's no harsh lines.

STEP #6~  Now, we're going to take that white shadow and put that on our lid and under our brow bone for a highlight.

STEP #7~ LINER! You can skip the liner, use gel liner, pencil liner. Whatever you're comfortable using. I used a liquid liner and did a 'wing'.

 STEP #8~ You can now apply your favorite mascara!

 STEP #9~ This step is optional. We all now I LOVE false lashes. LustreLux uses super dramatic lashes in her tutorial, so I figured I'd use dramatic lashes as well. If you'd like to see a false eyelash tutorial on how to apply them and what products I use, comment below! =)

STEP #10~ We can now curl our lashes and tight line. I also applied the black liner to my water line.

STEP #11~ Final step.. LIPS! A nude lip goes great with this dramatic eye look. I used 'Natural' lip liner from NYX to line my lips and for lipstick, I used 'Fergie Daily' from the Fergie line by Wet n Wild.


I hope you ladies enjoyed this dramatic, sexy cut crease look that I tried to replicate from LustreLux. Check her out on YouTube! She's awesome!! I'll talk to you beauties in my next tutorial. BYE! =)

XOXO, Kate

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