Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Science Necklace Everyone Needs

For real. I do not joke about science, nor do I joke about jewelry.

Okay, those are both lies. I do. But I'm not right now, and that's truly the point.

Have you heard of Nerdtastic? Because if you haven't, consider yourself informed. This is knowledge you need in your life because we all are nerdy/have nerdy friends. And you/your friends need nerdy gifts. Duh.

So Nerdtastic is awesome, as is its owner. Amanda is a super nice girl; really easy to work with. Her shop carries a great variety of items to fit all budgets and needs. She's got everything from lip balm to bracelets, and coasters to necklaces. Searching through her shop is way fun!

Not too long ago, she posted this necklace on Instagram. Before I show it to you, you should know three things about me- 1) I shop, like, all the time. I don't spend ridiculous amounts of money or anything like that, but I'm almost constantly in shop-mode. 2) I'm a sucker for handmade. I see this beautifully handcrafted item for sale, and I can visualize a lovely creative soul toiling away at a desk to bring her inner visions to light. Tugs at my heart strings, I tell you. And 3) We're big time nerds in this house. We love science and documentaries and history and science fiction. I mean, my son's name is Odin... Need I say more?

Moving right along... So she posted this necklace on Instagram. This one, right here...

See it in the bottom corner?
And I was like "OHEMGEE. *Grabby hands* No, behave yourself, woman. You shop too much. You have to stop." But I couldn't not think about it. The tiny microscope! You'd have to be heartless to not fall in love with that (or not a huge fan of tiny things). And "science!"? I mean, how? Seriously! How could I resist that?

So I gave in to temptation, as I so frequently do. I messaged Amanda and was like "Girrrrrrl. You kill me."

Before I knew it (because that's how Amanda rolls), the necklace was in my mailbox. It's perfect, you guys. And you know what makes it better? You can order it in any chain length you'd like, and in all caps, all lowercase, or a mix! I chose all lowercase. But you should totally get the uppercase one. Then we can be necklace buddies.

Here's some details about the necklace... It comes standard on a 24" chain, but like I said before, you can choose whatever length chain you want. The disk pendant is smooth around the edges and all of the charms are very light weight. It's easy to wear and simple enough to go with everything, but it sure makes a statement when you wear it places. Also- you will love it!

Check out Nerdtastic's store here and Facebook page here. You can also follow her on Instagram @nerdtastic42. 

Thanks for reading, folks!! Now go fill up Nerdtastic's order book ;)

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