Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Featured Crafter- Sweet Pistol Rose

Happy Tuesday, everyone! We're here this week to have a chat with Racheal from Sweet Pistol Rose.

Racheal specializes in party supplies, including banners, digital invitations, thank you notes, and more! If you need it to make your party look awesome, Racheal's got it.

You can even get a rockin' sign, like this one, for your special birthday kid. After the party, this is such a fantastic keepsake for your child's special day!

Now, a little about Racheal. She's a work-at-home-mom with three sweet little kiddos- Two girls and a boy. Racheal started Sweet Pistol Rose as a hobby, but her work became popular very quickly, and with the help of her very supportive husband, she was able to turn it into a business.

Racheal started scrapbooking, but it just didn't quite fill the need. Since she had lots of paper, she decided to start banners, but that wasn't quite cutting it either.

Racheal needed to make the whole celebration! A paper banner doesn't make a party on it's own. She watched tutorial after tutorial, and over time, taught herself how to make virtually anything she could dream of on Photoshop. 

She branched out and began selling to strangers, and although her dream is to run her own local business, Etsy keeps her quite busy for now.

Overall, Racheal's favorite items to create are her chalkboards, like the one pictured above. They take a lot of time, but she gets to create something amazing for a customer and make someone happy, which is definitely her favorite part about selling online.

These Star Wars themed prints are a great way to add fun to your home, even when you're not having a party!

The main factor that sets Sweet Pistol Rose apart from other shop is her awareness of trends. Racheal understands that chalk board art might be a fleeting trend, and may not be something people want to have in their home forever.

To conquer that issue, Racheal adds new designs regularly and offers many products that are completely timeless. Things you'll love just as much at 20 years old as you will at 50 years old. 

She also provides items geared towards all ages and interests, which is fantastic. As your child grows, Sweet Pistol Rose's designs will continue to fit into their passions, year after year.

Racheal's favorite hobby outside of crafting is exploring. She's a "wandering soul", so to speak, and finds herself most at peace while exploring the hidden beauties of the world. She loves to take her kids with her to show them how much can be experienced in their own, accessible world. 

What I find most interesting from my chat with Racheal is that her shop name is also the nicknames of her three children, given to them by their grandmother. The youngest is a "sweet pea", the middle is a "little pistol", and the youngest, during an ultrasound, had lips like a budding rose. 

When scrolling through Sweet Pistol Rose's Etsy shop, you find so many unique, colorful and clearly well-designed products. Racheal is a family-gal, so she'll understand the needs of parents to get exactly what their children want for their birthdays. 

And non-related to birthdays, Sweet Pistol Rose offers many awesome gifts for your friends, coworkers, family, or yourself!

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