Wednesday, July 29, 2015

National Picnic Month

Picnics are weird, right? We forego all advancements in food, willingly. We give up tables, walls and doors to keep out bugs, utensils (mostly), and formally cooked meals. We opt for raw foods, eaten with our hands, on a blanket, on the ground. Strange, but fun. No one doesn't have a great picnic memory. I suppose that's why we have an entire month- August- dedicated to picnics!

Usually our first awesome picnic memories are as kids, with family or friends. Now that we're adults (or look like them, at least), we have the opportunity to organize and enjoy our own picnics with our families and friends. We get to ensure our kids have great picnic memories to look back on fondly. 

Part of what makes a great picnic is what you take along. The blanket, the basket, the food... But also the people, and the photos taken to cement those memories. Whether your picnic is a simple get-together or a birthday party, here are the things you need to have to make sure it is beautiful and unique!

As usual, Adore by Nat has wonderful paper crafts for the event. Between the summer barbecue cupcake toppers and the ladybug birthday banner, your picnic can be decorated uniquely and perfectly themed. These are both available in her online store, as well as many other great ideas!

To outfit the little ones at the picnic, I couldn't recommend anyone more highly than Sweet Pea Designs by Dee and her great prints! Her adorable dresses, aprons, and bow tie and suspender sets, are available in a wide range of sizes, so you can clothe them all in one, great place. Specifically, this ruffle peasant set is playful and photogenic for a day picnicking!

To accessorize those kiddos, you've got to visit Weil'd Hair and Accessories. She's always got great styles and colors (and stuff for mom, too!) in a wide range of themes. For a picnic, nothing could be sweeter than this watermelon necklace! The bubblegum beads are perfectly matched to the juicy watermelon pendant, making for great photo opportunities. 

If you're throwing a picnic, or attending one and would like to get a little gift for the picnic host, Pelhauz has two great options! Butterflies and dragonflies are arguably the prettiest bugs, so why not offer one to the hostess, or make sure your accessories are perfectly on theme? With many, many other options in her shop, you're sure to find something that fits your outfit, and the event, elegantly. 

Finally, for washing up before or after the picnic, to bring with you to use in park restrooms, or to give as party favors, Shabby Chic Soap Company has wonderful citrus soaps that look as delicious as they smell! Her soaps are always totally luxurious, and she also offers a super wide range of options. These would be a hit for any outdoor event, but nothing could be more appropriate than a picnic!

Now get out there and picnic! August is National Picnic Month, so enjoy it before school starts and the rain falls ;) 


  1. Fabulous finds! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  2. Well done post, Bethany! Really enjoying it. Thank you for including my party decorations. Off to share with the world.

  3. Thank you, ladies! It's always a pleasure to work with you!