Friday, June 6, 2014

Sewn Lace Flower- Ribbon Alternate

This is an easy, quick way to make a lace flower with nothing but lace, thread and a needle. To see how to make a lace flower with a glue gun, go here: *Enter link for lace flower tutorial 2*
First, get some lace. Any kind that is a trim works best, but if need be, you can cut strips of lace yardage, fold in half, and sew along the bad edge. (Although I haven’t tried it, I’d be willing to bet you could do this with tulle, cotton, satin, burlap, or pretty much anything else).

Next, starting at one end of the lace, weave your threaded needle in and out of the lace at approximately ¼” intervals.

Gather the lace and pull it towards the end of the thread. Repeat until you’ve sewn through the whole strip of lace.

Holding the two ends of the lace together (right sides against each other), sew up and down the edge of the lace ends. This will seal your flower closed.

Stick your needle through a small piece of lace. Pull it through, then stick your needle through the loop and pull tight to knot. Repeat 3-ish times.

Pull the edges of the flower and adjust the gathers. It should look something like this:


I'll show you what I did with this flower next week :)

Ribbon Directions:

Take a length of ribbon (at least 18" long and 1 1/2" wide), a felt circle and a needle and thread.

Fold in half, and along the edges follow the steps from the lace flower example.


Roll and glue to the felt circle.



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