Sunday, November 15, 2015

Let it Snow!

Welcome to winter, friends! Here in California, we've already gotten snow this year, which is amazing and strange. I love snow, and I know a lot of others do too! So let's celebrate that cold, white, fluffy stuff by looking at stuff that is great for the snowy season.

Pelhuaz has these gorgeous deer charms, which are great for winter fashion and gifts! It makes me think of deer leaping and bounding through the snow, chewing on icy cold plants. For fashion and women's gifts, Pelhuaz has you covered all year long!

Heart and Soles hand-paints shoes in any theme or design you could imagine, so no surprised she's got snowy day scenes covered! But these aren't your typical trees and mountains... She uses fun themes, like Frozen and South Park, to bring her visions of snow to life! Available for kids and adults, her shoes are adorable, skillful, and perfect for showing off your love of winter weather!

Sweet Pea Designs by Dee always has the season on lock with her dresses, and snow is no different! Available in sizes six months- size 8, this dress is sure to wow your friends and family. It's perfect for photos, events and family gatherings, and will certainly be an item you save for your kids to see when they grow up. 

Handmade Moms, LLC also craft for the season. With this beautiful handmade bell wreath, your house will match the colors of your snowy world! There are lots of other great items available for gifts and decor as well, but to highlight the snow, you can't find a more perfect door hanging!

Shea Chick Soap Company (formerly Shabby Chic) will allow you to appreciate the snow, even when you're inside! Slide into a warm bath and suds up with snowflake soap. You'll be warm and cozy, even when the outside temperatures are frigid. The colors make me think of Elsa from Frozen, so they'll be on theme with your shoes from Heart and Soles. 

BayouVue (formerly Camille's Charms) has ornaments galore! These adorable, hand-painted clay ornaments are great for your tree, car, or gifts at holiday parties! Available in multiple themes, there's something for every interest group. Penguins love snow, just like us! Them's people too. 

Viv and Olive (formerly Weil'd Hair and Accessoies) has the penguin necklace to match your ornament! The colors even go with the shoes and soap from above. Are you a one-theme person? Because I think we've got you covered here.

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