Friday, July 4, 2014

Featured Crafter- HCM Creations

Hey there everyone! Happy Fourth of July!!
I'm glad that you're here reading this, as this week we're talking with Heather from HCM Creations, and it'll make your day nice.

Heather is, first off, super duper sweet. We're in a crafting community together, and she's a very active member and a joy to read posts from. She's supportive and takes time out of her day to try to help others. 

HCM Creations has been in business about a year, and it started from Heather's love of crafting. She starting making gifts for family and friends. Soon, her cousin asked if she would create some custom pieces for her wedding, and Heather knew she was onto something.

Since Heather loves to get creative, custom designs are her favorite. As a crafter, I can say that customs are definitely the most challenging creations. Trying to capture someone else's mental image is difficult without being able to physically see that image, but Heather loves the challenge.

Speaking of challenge, many crafters who make similar items to HCM Creations are made with vinyl pieces for the wording and images. Heather's are hand-painted, individually, every single time.

When Heather isn't painting, she's customizing digital images for her fellow crafters or spending time with her hunk-o-man and her furbaby.  

If you can think of something you need custom-painted, you need Heather and HCM Creations. Follow her on Facebook here and Instagram here

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