Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Featured Crafter- Corvid Castle

Happy Tuesday buddies! We're getting a little bit of rain here in a very dry California, so I'm one happy gal :)

Today, we're here to talk about Corvid Castle, Jennifer, and Emily*. Corvid Castle provides high quality, handmade, gorgeous wire wrapped jewelry to fit every price range. Jennifer makes necklace pendants from wire and stones, beads, and other focal pieces. She also makes (obvs not from wire) scarves, hand-spun yarn, mobiles and other home decor items.

*We'll talk about Emily in a bit. 

corvid- a magpie or raven- was the inspiration for the name of Corvid Castle. If you could, for a moment, imagine a bird hoarding loads of shiny things for his castle, that would be a Corvid Castle. This theme of whimsy and imagination is very representative of the look and feel of Jennifer's shop. 

Overall, Corvid Castle was born of need. Jennifer was making jewelry for herself and her friends, and as people started requesting to buy items, it was only logical to create a business from it.

Jennifer loves making everything that she makes, and if she didn't, she wouldn't do it. She loves the wire pendants because they almost always come out differently than expected. It gives them life and personality, which represents that of the wearer. Spinning yarn is relaxing for Jennifer and she loves seeing how the different colors spin together to make something usable and lovely. 

Jennifer's favorite part about selling her items is seeing someone be as happy with her creations as she is. Luckily for us, she uses many colors of wire and many different, unique focal pieces. Many wire wrapped shops use sterling silver wire almost exclusively, which drives up the price of the finished pieces. Jennifer uses copper enameled wire, which provides quality and durability without the high cost.

Jennifer's shop is also unique in the variety of items she sells. There are no shops out there that provide the quality and variety that Corvid Castle does. 

Outside of Corvid Castle, Jennifer is an elementary school reading teacher, so she loves to read. I think this adds whimsy to her shop because, as we know, those who love to read also love to imagine.

Now, as far as imagination goes, Jennifer has her share, mine and yours. I've known Jennifer for quite some time, and although she may not realize it, her way of thinking and approaching situations makes her very inspirational. You cannot leave a conversation with Jennifer without feeling inspired to create something beautiful- Whether it be a craft, kind act, or bringing beauty into your life.

This is where Emily comes in. Emily is Jennifer's muse and the creative drive behind Corvid Castle. This might be a tad difficult to understand, so bear with me...

Emily is the named embodiment of Jennifer's creativity. Giving her creative side a name, and therefore a stronger presence, has allowed Jennifer to have "conversations" with her creativity, allowing it to flow more freely. 

If you're a crafter and have ever had an idea nag at you, that is your version of Emily. Name it or don't, but it's there. I don't have any research to back this up, but I assume that it's truly in everyone. I believe each person has the ability to create something lovely and driven- Maybe not directly a craft, but something that hasn't been done before. If each person could access this inspiration in the same way Jennifer has, our world would be filled with nothing but beauty. 

People would also talk to themselves less, because they'd be talking to their inspiration instead ;)

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