Sunday, July 20, 2014

20-Minute T-Shirt Re-do with Lace

**Super Easy Tutorial Alert!!**

Subhead: I've been slackin'. 

If you have a tee-shirt, 20 minutes and about 1/2 yard of lace, do this!!

Lay your shirt out flat and pin the front to the back. We don't want any uneven sides or weird shapes.

Cut along the width of the shirt, just under the sleeves. 

Fold the top part of your shirt in half and make sure the two sides line up. Cut the ends of the sleeves off while you're at it.

Cut out a scoop neck at an angle you're comfortable with. It's best to start small and cut more later.

Cut the sides of the shirt open and lay it over a piece of lace. Fold the shirt back in half along the shoulders (back into a shirt-top-shape) and cut the lace around the shirt, using the shirt top as a pattern.

*Optional Step*

I added strips of lace into the side of my shirt as well. To do this, lay your lace out next to your shirt and cut a 1" wide strip the length of the sides of your shirt, or measure and cut. You'll need two strips, one for each side.

 Cut the sides of your bottom shirt piece to open up a spot for the lace.

Pin the lace into place along the length of the shirt bottom. Make sure the right side of the lace is faced the same direction as the right side of the shirt.

Sew the strips into place. One good pass with back-tacking at both ends should do the trick!

*Final Step for Simple Shirt*

Next, sew the lace top onto the shirt bottom across the top. Again, be sure both of your right sides are facing in the same direction.

I had some lace scraps left over, so I made a bow. It's really easy... Simply take a rectangle of lace twice as wide as you would like the bow to be. Fold the lace in thirds long-ways, then bring the ends to the middle hamburger-style (yeah I did). Put a couple stitches in, scrunch, wrap your thread around the center, and stitch again. Add a small piece of lace for a finished look!


Here's my finished top! You can use all kinds of lace or any kind of shirt for this, so be imaginative! Tweet your finished product photos to @DownwithPlumes and show me your skills!



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