Monday, July 14, 2014

Dramatic Blue Smokey Eye

Dramatic Blue Smokey Eye! This makeup look is simple to do, but you do have to make sure to blend the shadows really well. You lovely ladies can wear this sexy, dramatic look out for a night on the town! Enjoy the tutorial beauties!

Products I used for this tutorial:
1) NYX eye shadow base

2) Eye shadow pallet from Wet n' Wild
3)Anastasia Beverley Hills eye shadow pallet
4) Mac single eyeshadow
5) Wet n' Wild Mega liquid eyeliner
6) Maybelline's 'The Falsies' mascara
7) Ardell false lashes
8) Ardell lash curler & Benefit kohl eyeliner
9) Lip liner: 'Tawny' by Jordana Cosmetics~ Lipstick: Wet n' Wild Fergie Line in the color 'Fergie Daily'~ NYX butter gloss in the color 'Creme Brulee'


STEP #1) Just like in all of my tutorials, I start out with all my face makeup first and then move on to my eye look. This is just the way I do my makeup, but you ladies can definitely do the face makeup after the eye shadow this time since there might be a little fall out from the black eye shadow we will be using.

STEP #2) We're then going to apply our eye shadow base as we usually do to make sure our shadow stays on throughout the day.

STEP #3) From the pallet by Wet n' Wild, we'll be taking the eye lid color and you guessed it right! We're going to be applying this to our eyelids. Pack on this color with a flat eye shadow brush until it's as bright and vibrant as you want it.

STEP #4) The next pallet I'm going to be using isn't one that you can get from the drug store, unfortunately. I got this amazing pallet at Ulta and it's definitely worth the money in my opinion. We're going to be using the black shadow, but any black color you have handy will do just fine. Taking a crease brush, we're going to be blending this into the crease lightly and carefully. You don't want to look like you have a black eye so be light handed while doing this step. You want to make sure that the black shadow blends nicely with blue color on your lid. So, just take your time and work with the colors, blending back and forth using windshield wiper motions.

STEP #5) We're then going to take a white shadow to highlight our brow bone. Just take a flat eye shadow brush and put it directly under your eyebrow.

STEP #6) Taking any eyeliner you prefer, go ahead and put it on! I used a liquid liner and winged it out. (As usual)

STEP #7) I decided to smoke out the lower lash line as well. I used the same blue color that we used for our lid and put it on the inner half of my lower lash line. I then used the black shadow for the outer half.

STEP #8) I don't have any pictures for the last few steps cause they're pretty self explanatory. After smoking out my lower lash line, I applied my mascara and false lashes. I then curled my lashes and tight-lined. After that, I moved onto my lips! I decided to pair this look with a nude lip. You can use any nude lip liner, lip stick or lip gloss that you prefer! =)

That's the finished look ladies! I hope you enjoyed yet another one of my tutorials! If you beauties have any suggestions on what you might want to see next, COMMENT BELOW! Stay tuned for next weeks tutorial! Want a little hint...? Orange lips........ =) It's going to be fun!
XOXO, Kate

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