Thursday, September 18, 2014

Quick and Easy Bracelet Refashion Tutorial

This tutorial is SO easy, it's ridiculous! I had this bracelet but it was super boring, so I added some of my own flair.

All you need for this is some embroidery floss, a hot glue gun, a bracelet (obviously) and a little bit of clear nail polish.
I chose 2 colors of embroidery floss. Starting with your first color, pick a good starting point and hot glue down one end. Wrap the floss around the bracelet, gluing as you go. I glued after every 1/4 inch to be sure the floss would stay in place.

When you've finished with your first color, add your second color the same way you started your first. I glued my second color over the top of the first color's beginning edge and wrapped the opposite direction.  When you finish with your second color, take your trusty blow dryer and give it a good blast on high heat to melt off any extra glue and all the glue strings.

When your bracelet has cooled completely, take your clear nail polish and paint on a nice, even coat to seal the strings to the bracelet. Make sure you let it dry completely before you wear it around otherwise you might end up stuck to your bracelet.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and I would love to see your finished projects! :)

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