Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Crafters' Top Picks

Hellllooooooooo Tuesday!

This week, we have something a little different for you ;)

Ten fantastic handmade shops came together and chose their favorite items from each others' shops. We took all of the favorites that were chosen and put them to vote, with one winner from each shop. On this list, I'll show you all the winners.

Before we get into the items on the list, I'm going to say a few things about this shop. If you read my posts, you should be used to this by now.

I'm a spur-of-the-moment person. If I think about an idea and it seems like a good one, I'll act on it. Life is too short to always be saying "I'll do it [enter future timeframe here]."

With that said- all these ladies pulled this list together in lightning-fast time. Each one took time out of her busy, hectic schedule to look through each others' shops, think about the items they were choosing, link them back, then choose favorites all over again.

In a few (very short) days, we had ten totally awesome products picked out. These are chosen by people who make stuff for other people, so it's kinda like a food critic telling you what to eat. Just sayin'.

Anyway, on with the list, in reverse alphabetical order-

Jodi from Weil'd Hair and Accessories is a fun, go-get'um kinda gal. She doesn't pass up an opportunity to help others or participate in something fun. She makes these absolutely gorgeous chunky bead necklaces (which I've mentioned in past posts, and have two of myself). This was her highest voted item:

Bubblegum/ Chunky Necklace

Racheal from Sweet Pistol Rose is an amazing artist and a total doll. She's so easy to work with and very kindhearted. Her shop offers an amazing variety of items to suit all themes beautifully. For this list, her super cute and unique "Clever Little Girls" printable was the top pick:

Printable Wall Poster

Denise from Sweet Pea Designs by Dee is a lovely person and a very hard worker. Facebook or the internet (or a combination of the two, which is a serious bummer) was giving Denise a tough time with this process, but she prevailed. I don't think anyone else had as much trouble with it as she did, but she totally toughed through it and participated every step of the way (on time, too, which gets extra bonus points). Denise makes the cutest children's clothing, but most of all, perfect dresses for little girls. Everyone loves them, and here is the one that made the top of the list:

Little Girls' Dress

Kelly from Picots & Mimosas has reminded me of Ms. Honey from the start. If you haven't seen Matilda, please stop reading now and do so. You can thank me later. I'll wait.

Kelly gets along so well with everyone, supports other crafters, and makes amazing creations herself. She has two shops, the other being Blueberry Corner Quilts. For this list, her bright, fun and adorable butterfly garland was voted as the Crafters' Top Pick:

Butterfly Garland

We chatted with Nerdtastic recently as a Featured Crafter, which was a blast! Amanda is a bright, spunky and fun lady with creativity to spare. Her shop is full of little nerdy odds and sods, but we're focused on this piece here, for today. This Captain America BFF bracelet set was our top pick, and I think you'll see why:

Captain America BFF Bracelets

We also had a meet and greet with Bryce from Handmade Moms LLC pretty recently. Bryce is a very active member of the crafty community and is always sharing with others. She's a really good soul, and her and her mother create unique and fun items, mostly for decor. These amazing crafters had a peek through her shop, and this was deemed the top pick:

Handful of Crayons Wreath

Meeeeee!! I'm awesome!! Just kidding. I do make some pretty cute little hats, though. The lovely group of crafters we're working with chose this little hat from my shop:

Victorian-Inspired Tiny Top Hat

Camille from Camille's Charms is very sweet and really creative. Her shop is full of amazing jewelry, so I'm really surprised we could even pick a favorite! She has really creative bracelets, awesomely adorable necklaces, but this was our pick, and we love it:

Vintage-esque Anchor Ring

My partner in crime. The other half of my brain and The Gangstress Ladies. Also- super creative, fun, bright, happy and caring. Belinda from BeeBee and Jack is a fantastic person to know and work with. For this list, we genius crafters chose her little baby shoes, because who can resist teeny tiny shoes?!:

Baby Converse

Last, but certainly not least, we have Natalie from Adore by Nat. She may not know this, but I watch her shop quite closely. I'm truly amazed by her poise, professionalism and shop. She does great work, shows and markets it well, and still takes the time to be a huge helper within the crafty community. She has so many amazing items in her shop that I'm again shocked we could come to a consensus. Here's what we chose:

Tea Party Favors

Well, now that you know our favorites, tell us yours! Visit any or all of the links in the text and comment your favorite item below :) There's lots to be found, so don't be shy! This just might make your holiday gift shopping a whole lot easier ;)

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  1. lots of amazing items :D cant wait to look at their shop pages.