Friday, September 12, 2014

15-Minute Lace Pocket

Alrighty, ladies and gents. We're back for another quick craft.

WalMart had these plain V-neck tee-shirts for $3 each, and since I have a sick compulsion to buy everything that's a good deal, I got two. In different colors. That justifies it, right?

It's cute... I mean, its fine. Boring. 

So, being that I am the nit-picky person I am, I couldn't leave it alone. But what to do? It's kinda stretchy, light fabric, so nothing too dramatic. 

Then it hit me. Pocket! I have endless amounts of lace, so I knew I had to have a complimentary color. I came across this and thought it was good- 

So, if you'd like to do this, too, here's how:

You'll need lace (or fabric, whatevs) about 5" wide. You want the finished pocket to be 4" wide and 2-ish" tall.

Sew up one side, but leave a little bit undone. This way, when you sew up the bottom, you can get the ends of the threads to meet at the corners.

To make the corners nice and smooth, fold the corner of the edge in like so-

And then over again, like this-

Sew up the bottom, then pin in place on the shirt. You want it to be 4" from the middle shoulder and 2" from the middle front of the shirt.



<3 Bethany

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