Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Featured Crafter- Nerdtastic

This Tuesday is quite the unique one :)

All of the shops featured here are unique and amazing, but Nerdtastic fits into a niche within a niche. I like that.

Alice in Wonderland Lip Balm
You know when you go downtown in big cities and there are all of those cool shops full of weird stuff you'll never see anywhere else? That's what Nerdtastic is like, except it's on the INTERNET.

Firefly "I'm a Leaf in the Wind" Necklace
Amanda is the mind behind Nerdtastic, and let me tell you- she is a firecracker! Quick, smart, and ready to laugh- she's a blast to communicate with! (I will never say this enough times. Communication is key when shopping handmade.)

Jean Grey Phoenix inspiration necklace
Nerdtastic offers everything from jewelry to lip balm to coasters. What Amanda feels like making and is catching her interest at that time is her favorite thing to do, but she'll move on and find a new crafty love.

Doctor Who "Spoilers" bracelet
Amanda was inspired to open shop after she DIY-ed her wedding and was inspired by makers at Wizard World Comic Con.

Percy Jackson inspired bracelet
We've arrived at another one of those rare moments where I feel someone has said something that is so incredibly perfect, a summary would do it no justice. I asked her why she loved selling what she makes, and this is her response- 

"Honestly, I like making nerds smile. Only artists and crafters understand the feeling you get when somebody picks up one of your items and connects with it. They have that moment of "somebody in this world gets me". That's what I love the most..."

Firefly charm bracelet
I think the vast majority of crafters would agree that this is spot on (maybe not the "nerd" part for each shop, but you get me). There is something so meaningful to pouring your soul into something, and then someone loves it just as much, or more.

Harry Potter potion coasters
Amanda is very active as a runner and loves going with her daughter to karate class. She also is a self-admitted lip balm addict, which, as far as addictions go, is pretty okay to indulge. As long as you're not eating it. Or forcing it on other people. Don't do those things.

You can follow Amanda and Nerdtastic on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

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