Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Featured Crafter- Lil' Monkeys

Happy Tuesday folks! Today we're meeting with Rhonda of Lil' Monkeys and talking about her adorable items!

There is one word to describe Rhonda's shop- FUN! Everything is so bright, colorful and personalized that you can find something for every little one you know!

Personalized Onesies
Rhonda has been sewing for about seven years now, and has made everything from bags and purses to items for children. She got an embroidery machine last year and it opened up the range of what she can make.

Rhonda started selling her items in 2006 via Etsy, but has since changed her shop over to Storenvy, Goodsmiths and Bonanza. 

Crayon/ Pad travel case
Of all the items Rhonda makes, she is most proud of her tooth fairy pillows. I mean, honestly... How could you not be proud?! They're the cutest!

Rhonda loves selling her items because she gets the joy of regularly making kids happy. Sometimes moms will send her photos of their kids playing with the toys or wearing the shirts that Rhonda has made, and it makes her so happy to see. It's great for her, too, because she always ends up with the cutest customers!

Lil' Monkeys is unique because customers are encouraged to request one-of-a-kind items. She can change the colors and details of any item, but also loves to make something for a customer that cannot be found in any other shop!

Hair pretties <3
Outside of crafting, Rhonda loves to go to the range and shoot some targets! Yes, basque in the duality that exists here. You know you love it.

And here we've arrived again- My favorite part. The weirdness. Rhonda seconds Jennifer from Corvid Castle's motion that talking to yourself and owning many cats does not make you crazy, but it is, logically, a bit weird. I'm going to go ahead and third the motion, and that ends that. Officially not crazy. Rhonda has a cat named Harry, and with a cat named Harry comes the need for many, many jokes. "Harry Butt" is Rhonda's running joke. If you had a cat named Harry, you'd do the same. Be honest.

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