Friday, August 8, 2014

Shopping Handmade

The holiday season is closing in on us, no matter how much you hate me saying that.

Don't feel bad. I hate me saying that, too.

But, I'm going to make your life easier (and mine, honestly, because I'll finally have this all arranged into one place).

If you're looking for gifts for the holidays, these are the places I shop handmade and love. Each shop on this list provides quality, handmade, one-of-a-kind items at great prices with great customer service.


Specialty: Crocheting like a boss.

Beautiful crocheted items including hats, headbands/ear warmers, hair accessories, etc. I have many items from this shop, including headbands and craft supplies.

Big T Ranch Soap

Specialty: Nail polished that'll knock yer socks off.

This shop has lots of stuff, but they have thermal sensitive nail polish. Yes, it changes color based on your body temperature, and the color closest to the base of your nail will be different than the tip of the nail (assuming you have long ones).

Corvid Castle

Specialty: Wrapping jewelry so fast you can't even see her hands move.

Absolutely stunning wire wrapped jewelry and other items. I got a ring and a couple of pendants as gifts, which are fantastically made and well loved.

Fairy Doors by Winter Apocalypse

Specialty: Bringing a touch of (much needed) whimsy to your life.

Simply the most adorable fairy doors. I have ordered, like, ten doors from this shop- some for craft purposes and a couple to keep.

 Jinxy Jewels

Specialty: Providing items you can't find elsewhere.

Off-beat, unique and beautifully crafted jewelry. I ordered a couple items and both are still in great condition almost a year later.

Picots and Mimosas

Specialty: The most gorgeous garlands you can find!

Beautiful crocheted garlands, wreaths, and clothing accessories. I ordered a rose corsage for my mother for Mother's Day, and the color, texture and quality are glorious.


Specialty: Unique wall art.

Super fun and different art prints. I have a white rabbit with a blue horn printed on a music sheet. Awesome!

Rebel Skein

Specialty: Deliciousness.

Crocheted accessories (many food-themed, which is fantastic). I ordered a couple of cute headbands from her shop for Christmas gifts. The girls love them!

Renee Browns Designs

Specialty: Delicate, bright jewelry.

Beautiful jewelry and other items. I ordered an anklet from her as a gift. It is totally gorgeous and super well made.

The Happy Sticker Shop

Specialty: Anything vinyl and most things you can stick vinyl to.

Awesome vinyl stickers and other vinyl items. I have gotten a few items from The Happy Sticker Shop (previously AKM Vinyl Designs), including a Thor themed tumbler.

Vestas Home

Specialty: Making the men in your life smell less stinky.

Amazing handmade soaps. I like the shave bars as gifts for the men in my family.

Wally Hawk

Specialty: Helping you rep your favorite show or character

Great quality customizable sweatshirts, tee shirts and hoodies. I ordered a Game of Thrones House Greyjoy hoodie for my husband for last Christmas. #AwesomeWifeAlert

Weil'd Hair & Accessories

Specialty: Making you gorgeous!

Adorable bubblegum (chunky bead) necklaces and bracelets. I have two and they're both fantastic quality and beautifully designed!

See?! It's awesome.

<3 Bethany

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