Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Featured Crafter- Magnolia Blossom Crochet

Happy Tuesday (again)!

It's been exactly one week since I sat here typing about a fantastic shop, and I'm glad to be back at it. This week, we're talking with Laura from Magnolia Blossom Crochet. Her beautiful crocheted boot cuffs were on the Fall Must-Haves List, too!

Laura is a stay-at-home-mom, Army veteran, student (working on her Master's in Applied Behavioral Analysis) and crocheter. She's been crocheting since she was 11, and at the urgings of her friends and family, decided to open up shop (Laura's friends and family- if you are reading this, good call!). 

With Laura's husband away on deployment, she found she had too much free time on her hands. Creating patterns and fun, unique items is something Laura enjoys filling that time with.

Laura enjoys making colorful, useful, or lacy items the best. She likes the diversity of different items, fibers and colors, and enjoys testing the limits of creativity and usefulness with her craft. 

Side note: I enjoy limit testers. Find out where that line is, then either hang out there or step back a tad. I feel it should be noted that limit testers and rule breakers are virtually the same, except in levels of defiance. Limit testers just want to find the line to know where it is. Rule breakers want to find the line so they can crush it into oblivion. Moving along...

One of Laura's favorite creations to make are the teething bracelets. Her son was the inspiration for these, as he would not take a pacifier, but loved chewing on different textures. She shopped around, and when nothing jumped out at her, she decided to make him one. She loves seeing him use and enjoy something she made with her own hands, just for him!

When Laura is not creating amazing items for Magnolia Blossom Crochet, she loves to read or work on her hobby of nature photography. The older of her two sons really enjoys going out and exploring the world with her!

Each winter, Laura creates cute little Santa hats to donate to families in the maternity wards of military hospitals. She has also created an eagle, named Top. A portion of each eagle sale is donated to the Wounded Warrior Project

Laura's strange facts are fun: 1) Laura loves the look of a corset, and wears one quite frequently. She is supposed to wear a back support brace, but the corset fits the bill and looks way better! 2) She is about a third covered in tattoos. Even with that many, she gets told frequently that "she doesn't look the type to have tattoos", which is always a funny thing to say to someone. 

Who is the person that looks like they'd have tattoos? I've never once in my life heard a person say "Oh, you don't have tattoos? I thought you would. You look like the type to have tattoos."

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