Friday, March 27, 2015

Featured Crafter- Handmade Crafting by You

Hello there lovely! Welcome back to another installment of our Featured Crafter adventure.

Today, we're meeting Emilee from Handmade Crafting by You. This shop is a little different from what you'd normally see. Emilee offers finished items and kits to help you DIY yourself to fabulousness! 

 Handmade Crafting by You focuses on handwoven baskets, hand and back warmers, and cross stitch patterns. Emilee started making her baskets two years ago when she inherited her Great Grandfather's basket making supplies. She had watched him weave beautiful baskets as a child, but had never tried. Once she did, she found herself hooked on the art.

Emilee opened her handmade shop because hand weaving baskets isn't as prominent of an art as it once was. It's a shame to see beautiful creations go by the wayside because of mass production and deep discounts. Emilee noticed an empty spot in the market that coincided with what she loves to do, and that will help carry on her Great Grandfather's legacy for years to come.

Emilee weaves many styles of baskets, but the Cherokee Style baskets are her absolute favorite to make. Each basket comes out so unique and has it's own personality. Even made from the same materials and same colors, they never come out identical.

Emilee's main goal in running a handmade shop is breathing life into a dying art. People don't really think to weave their own baskets anymore. All it takes is a trip to WalMart or Pier One, and the basket fun is over. But by making your own or buying handmade, you get a basket with hours of love and talent put into it. A basket with a story.

Outside of crafting, Emilee loves horses. She spends every moment she can get out at farms and on ranches visiting with those big beautiful animals. As a weird fact, Emilee has never used an Eos lip balm until the night she answered her questions. This tells me that Emilee is random and I love her already, and that she has now firmly moved to the dark side of Eos lip balms. Did you know you can get hand jeweled ones? Well, you can.

You can visit Handmade Crafting by You on Etsy, Facebook, and on Instagram @Happy_Handmade_

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