Friday, March 6, 2015

Featured Crafter- Waltons Jewelry

Well happy Friday!! It's the most fun day of the week for most people, but if you're not one of those people, you can still enjoy your Friday with our Featured Crafter!

We've met with Amber of Walton's Jewelry before, but it's been quite a while. We're back today to talk about her favorite things in her shop, and her favorite handmade shops to buy from!

You see, us makers are a close-knit bunch (pun intended). Most makers don't see things other handmade shops are making and think "Hey, I can make that too!" The majority of the time, we buy from each other because we know how other crafters feel. It can feel like a lonely, thankless road at times, so its important that we stick together and show our support.

Amber has a lot of great items available in her shop, so I imagine it was somewhat of a nightmare to pick out just a few favorites. First up, we have these super cute and whimsical fairy earrings

She also chose these adorable owl necklaces! I love the sparkle on them. 

I really couldn't help but add a couple favorites of my own ;)

This is my first pick. The detailing in the heart is stunningly beautiful and I love the simplicity of the black cord against it. This could truly be worn with anything!

My second pick is this amazing cameo necklace! The depth and colors are astonishing, and again, the black cord is perfect!

Now that you've seen Amber's gorgeous items, let's have a look at her favorite shops :)

Toni's Bowdacious Bows is Amber's first choice to shop handmade. She has bright, fun and well designed hair bows for little girls. 

She also really loves the shop from The Hooking Gals. This crochet shop offers many well made and useful items, but my favorite is this too-cute snowman!

What are your favorite handmade shops? Do you have a shop of your own? Link us your favorite items to spread the love!

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