Friday, March 13, 2015

Featured Crafter- Shabby Chic Soap Company

Why hello there, gorgeous. I hope you're feeling wonderful today!

We're chatting with the owner of Shabby Chic Soap Company today, Sheena. Her soaps are shea butter based, detergent free, and aimed at cleansing your lovely skin! Shabby Chic Soap Co. was born of Sheena's need for a creative outlet, and desire to create something useful. Inspired by her boys, she started learning how bad detergents are for our skin, and it all grew from there.

This makes it sounds like Sheena makes soap. That's true, but it's not just soap. It's glorious, beautiful, so-pretty-you-don't-want-to-use-it-ever soap. If there is ever an excuse to accessorize with soap, hit up Sheena. She's got you covered.

As with many makers, Shabby Chic Soap Company all started with one thing. Sheena makes these super cute Peeps inspired soaps, which make amazing Easter gifts (*hint hint* what holiday is coming up soon?). From there, Sheena added many more products in like a bazillion different scents. 

Her favorite to make is her zebra soap. Every batch comes out differently, as she layers the color in by hand. Even in each batch, each bar comes out just a tiny bit different, adding extra excitement to cutting into the bars. 

What Sheena loves most about her shop is knowing that her soaps allow you to pamper yourself. Somewhere out there, a little boy is more excited about bath time because he just knows there's a toy waiting for him inside that soap. There's a stressed out, overworked mama taking a few extra moments for herself with beautiful and luscious products from Sheena's shampoo and conditioner collection, or her Angelface Soap-free Face Cleanser. Those thoughts warm Sheena's heart, as do all the lovely messages she receives thanking her for making what she makes.

Angelface in Action

Angelface Cleanser
As one of those stressed out, overworked mamas, I'll tell you what- Sheena's soaps are amazing! I'm not one for enjoying a long shower... I get bored easily and just want to go do something else. With Sheena's soaps, I do find myself taking a moment longer to breathe in the fresh, clean scents and thinking to myself "I'm going to smell sooooo awesome." 

Furthermore, as a mama who has a little boy that is toy addicted, the soaps are crazy fun. He's got his crab freed from one soap, but the purple octopus will take a while still (they're similar to this one here). He's got Mickey Mouse head soaps too, but I tend to use those more than he does ;)

These ones are bath crayons, but they come as just soap too :)
And finally, as a wife with a husband that is a total nerd, I can tell you that the dragon's egg soaps are a huge winner. The colors are super vibrant and fun, and you really get to hatch your own little dragon over time. Straight from Game of Thrones, I tell you. 

When Sheena answered "What sets your shop apart from others like it?", I sensed nervousness. I sense that Sheena doesn't want to be like "Because I'm awesome," but Sheena- I'm telling you. It's because you're awesome. It's all you, girlfriend. 

What sets Sheena's shop apart is her edge and creativity. These are not your traditional "guest bathroom" soaps that look all fancy and ritzy. If that's what you like, sweet, rock on buddy. But if you are looking for something for yourself or for a gift that no one has seen before and is totally customized to them, Sheena's your gal. She offers soaps with style, attitude, personality, and whimsy.

Outside of crafting, Sheena loves to read (if you've been reading these posts for a while, you'll notice this is a trend with creative people). She started making soaps to hopefully spend less money on books, but has found that the books she loves have just made their way into her soaps by inspiring styles and scents. 

One strange fact about Sheena is that, although her business is in the beauty industry, she's not really into make up and styling. She's most comfortable with her hair in a pony tail and a touch of lip balm. This strikes me as most likely a good thing, because soap making seems like a messy deal. I'd think it'd get all up in everything.

If you love what you've read here (and let's be real, you did), you can find Shabby Chic Soap Company on Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter :)

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