Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Arbor Day Gorgeousness

Arbor Daaaayyyyy!!! I live in an area with lots and lots and lots of trees. I chose this place mainly because of that fact. I have a tree tattooed on my arm. It's safe to say I love trees, so it's also safe to say I love Arbor Day. 

I'm going to bring you into my brain with me, and then we'll start this list. First, the obvious- trees are awesome because they keep us alive. They provide shade, fruit, and turn gorgeous colors in the fall. These are all things that are wonderful, but become mundane in our day to day lives. 

Less obviously, they're awesome because they're symbols of resilience, strength, age, and beauty. The oldest organisms in our world today are trees. They've been alive longer than anything else existing. They were undoubtedly paramount in the beginning of life. They sway through storms that rip apart houses and knock down power lines. They find sustenance in areas where few other life forms can. Trees are just awesome, you guys. For realsies.  

So, we pulled together some items that represent our mutual appreciation for trees. Ready? Cause I am. 

This is our "Hands on Favorite" topiary tree centerpiece. This one is $49.95, but price is negotiable pending on style and quantity ordered (bulk discounts available) 

Our centerpieces are perfect for any party or as a wedding centerpiece. We can make them in any shape, style or color to match your event. If you are using it for a business event you can attach your business cards (or we can leave that feature off totally). Think direct sales Mark Kay or large business company events. We make wedding centerpieces too as we love custom orders!!!

This item is Handmade with a 14.5 inch in height artificial boxwood tree in a 4 inch clay pot, pink, white, and black paper flowers, a black and white polka dot bow, and an optional business card holder pick.

Adore by Nat offers many paper crafts that represent the beauty of our tall, leafy friends! You can find them at the following links:

Camille's Charms offers amazing jewelry in many different colors and styles. Today, she's showing off her breathtaking leaf earrings!

Groot Inspired soap bar. A soap Groot has been "aged" with Activated Charcoal and is resting on a sparkling galaxy of soap, more charcoal and cosmetic glitter. This soap is LIMITED EDITION and only a few more will be created so order yours before they are all gone!

Ent-Draught Lip Balm (Vanilla Coffee) inspired by the noble race of tree-folk from Lord of the Rings.

I don't know about you, but I love everything about autumn, especially the colors! This tiny top hat from Down with Plumes is a beautiful gold and red fabric with matching ribbons, fall colored leaves, a brass toned tree and a tiny brass toned fairy.

Please indicate at checkout if you would like hair pins (my first recommendation), elastic headband, plastic headband, hair comb or ribbon.

Get these items to celebrate your Arbor Day!!

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