Friday, January 16, 2015

Featured Crafter- Blueberry Corner Quilts

Whew!! We're back from a long break with a new look and on a new day! Featured Crafter posts will be on Fridays now, which I think will work better. Hubby is home on Mondays and Tuesdays, and man-oh-man does he make it tough to get things done! Plus, now we get the fun of saying Featured Crafter Friday and using #fcf. Wins all around.

Today, we're meeting with Kelly from Blueberry Corner Quilts. She is one of the kindest people I know and creates amazing and colorful items for two shops (we've talked about Pictos & Mimosas here before). She brings the same style and attention to detail to Blueberry Corner and her quilts.

Kelly is a mom of a totally adorable 2 1/2 year old boy, quilter, crocheter, and hand embroiderer. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, which is a very diverse place with beautiful weather and surroundings. 

Quilting is a very old tradition and there is actually a National Quilting Museum in Kentucky, as well as quilting guilds all around the world. Kelly learned to quilt a little over a year ago, and she hasn't stopped since. 

Once she discovered this love, she decided she must share it with the world. She loves all the possibilities quilting cotton offers, the feel of the fabric on the bolt and the different styles that can be made. Kelly also really enjoys hand embroidering, but hasn't given herself the time to hone her skills in previous years. This year, she's decided that she will spend more time embroidering!

Once Kelly decided to open up Blueberry Corner Quilts, she found that her favorite items to make were baby and crib blankets. They are smaller projects, but are just as special (if not more so) than the full size blankets. They also allow her to do new projects more frequently, which we all know is a huge perk. Many people told Kelly that quilting requires patience, but she's found that the excitement of new projects helps remove the need for patience (no patience required when you're having a blast)!

Blueberry Corner Quilts stands out because of her blend of modern and contemporary styles that use fabrics that are very trendy or new releases. Since quilting takes huge amounts of creativity and heart, Kelly's items are filled with love. Her favorite thing about selling her quilts is knowing that someone else appreciates her quilts and the time, creativity and skill that went into them.

Outside of crafting, Kelly loves photography. Luckily for her, she lives in a fantastic part of the world for taking beautiful nature photos. As time goes on, she hopes to be able to take some photography classes or workshops and expand her hobby further. She's also been enjoying blogging lately! Check it out here

One fun fact about Kelly is that quilting and crocheting are in her blood. One of her great-grandmothers was a quilter (and she still has one of her quilts) and her other great-grandmother was a crocheter (she has some of her projects as well). It seems "the crafty gene" really is a thing!

If you're shopping for a little one, check out Blueberry Corner Quilts' Etsy and Facebook pages. "Like" her page to follow all her newest creations!