Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lace Shirt Re-Fashion

I can sense your sense for a theme. You're on to me. I've got a serious love for lace.

Anywho, I had these two shirts- One was a WalMart deal for something like $4, and the other was something I bought long ago that has always been too big.

I decided to turn them into one shirt that's a whole helluva lot cuter than the original two.


 Sorry the one is so blurry. #FAIL on me. You get the idea, though. Plain black tank top with lace around the collar. Cute, but dull.

The one on the right is pretty cute, I think, but it's always been like 3 sizes too big for me. Not cute.

So I had to solve that. I had to make something wearable and worth the money I had spent on these shirts.

I cut the bottom off of the shirt on the right and attached it half-way down the tank top on the left.

I cut long triangles of lace, measured to almost the entire length that the sleeve openings are around.

Then I used blanket binding and a snap to make a cute sash, which also has a piece of lace.

Ta-da!! Easy, right? It took me maybe an hour, start to finish.

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm not comfortable in front of the camera.

Pony tail is the extent of my hair-doing skills.

Stay tuned for more refashions!

<3 Bethany

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