Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Featured Crafter- PeeWee Princess

OH NO! It's Wednesday!!! And we're doing a Featured Crafter?? What happened BETHANY?!

Well, Tuesday was one of those days where I couldn't have successfully burned my house to the ground if I tried. NOTHING would go right at all. I hate those days.

So instead, we're doing a Wednesday post, because Wednesday is a beautiful day, free from Tuesday's overdramatic problems. Phew.

Today, we're chatting with Jennifer from PeeWee Princess. She runs an adorable little shop filled with great gifts for the kids in your life. She offers fabric letters, dolls, and plush animals. 

She also has super cute cup coozies! Since we're on the subject... What is a coozy? Isn't it a "cup cozy?" I have never heard the word "coozy" until these cup things became normal, and spellcheck certainly doesn't consider it a word, so.... Maybe I just think about things too much.

Jennifer used the best term... She is a "reformed 8-5er." She was working in Media Sales, but had a spark of creativity her whole life. Growing up, she was surrounded by creative people and did acting throughout high school and college. After she had her daughter, Megan (her own PeeWee Princess), and saw quiet books, she knew she had to create one for her daughter. 

That one little quiet book turned Jennifer into a craftmonster who's hunger could only be calmed whilst sewing. PeeWee Princess focuses on kids and their moms, providing a one-stop-shop for both!

Making that book gave Jennifer the push she needed to join crafting groups on Facebook. She's always wanted to run a handmade shop, but was nervous about it until joining a group of crafters on Facebook and seeing how supportive everyone is! There is always someone to lend an ear or share advice. 

Of all the things Jennifer makes for PeeWee Princess, her favorite item to make is her stuffed animals and dolls. As a child, Jennifer was a stuffed animal hoarder and remembers how much joy, creativity and imagination they brought her. Providing that same kind of experience to children makes Jennifer very happy to help facilitate their creativity!

Outside of crafting, Jennifer loves movies and TV series, as well as thrift stores and garage sales! She has a shop in her area that sells only vintage items, which is one of her favorites. She also loves dragonflies so much that even though her shop has nothing to do with them, she had them worked into her shop logo!

When you visit PeeWee Princess, think about the gifts you need this year. If there are any little ones or mommies in your life, you just might find the perfect gift!!

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