Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Reasons I love The Plush Plum

Today is Featured Crafter day... So why is the title of this post not Featured Crafter? Because Lani and I are spontaneous, mildly rebellious people. 

We've chatted with Lani once already, so she's a pro at this. Since I'm getting relatively good at this, too, this should be fun!

So, here it is; our list of the best things about The Plush Plum.

#5- Lani is bringing back plush dolls.

So many dolls these days are plastic. Although they may be easier to clean and look a little more realistic, we all know plastic is bad and not very much fun to love on. If you don't believe me, rub your face on a Pepsi bottle and come back to me.

Plush dolls are great for cuddling, dressing, and caring for. There is absolutely nothing a plastic doll offers (other than the plastic) that isn't present in Lani's plush dolls. 

Plastic dolls can also get crazy expensive. American Girl dolls, for example, are great and come with books and whatever, but the hair gets all knotted up and you're left with a ratty version of a $200 doll. I don't have girls, but that sounds like a bad thing.

#4- Lani's Facebook page is fun.

Since we're all friends here, I have to be honest. I do love a giveaway. I rarely win, which is totally fine with me, because I just like to enter and see all the awesome things handmade shops have to offer.

Lani does giveaways on The Plush Plum. It adds fun to her page and makes you want to check back to see if you've won, which is smart Facebook page promotion.

She also shares other pages' work and updates. I especially love seeing these on Facebook pages because it shows buyers the community element that exists between makers. We all rely on each other, to a certain extent, and try to show our appreciation for the shops we love in whatever ways we can.
#3- Lani's creativity. 

These dolls are all so unique! Lani makes these amazing little people with so much personality on their faces, they're impossible to resist! They can be made to look like your child even, if they'd like to tote a mini version of themselves through the world. 

Here are some photos to solidify my point:

Along the same lines comes #2- The Plush Plum's stuffed animals.

The dolls are amazing and so full of personality, but the little creatures particularly grab my attention. There's something about how whimsical they are... They're personified just enough to be almost dolls, but they're so definitely creatures, still. 

These types of dolls are so much fun for kids because you can imagine them in any type of situation. Since they're not realistic, they're not bound by the rules of reality.

#1- Lani's track record.

Speaking from the position of a buyer, this is hands down my favorite aspect of The Plush Plum. I love her items, her creativity, the ways she interacts with her fans... But the way her buyers feel about her work is one of the most important aspects to selling handmade. Without quality product, you'll likely have a tough time and eventually give up. 

Lani clearly does not have that problem. She has a 5-star rating on both Facebook and Etsy, and the comments are glowing. It appears that every buyer (and every doll recipient) has been incredibly happy with the product they've received. 

In our previous post, Lani mentioned how much love goes into her dolls, and by her customer reviews, I'd say that's paid off.

Now that you know the best things about The Plush Plum, head on over to her Etsy and Facebook pages and like, follow, comment, share... You know the drill ;)


  1. Ha ha ha ... rub your face on a Pepsi bottle and come back to me.

    1. Hahahahaha!! Jodi, I just saw this now.... You see my point, no? lol!!