Friday, November 7, 2014

Spruce Up a Plain Tee!

This is a really easy, quick way to brighten up a plain tee shirt!

I found cute tees on clearance for $3 each and couldn't resist, but also couldn't just leave them plain. Here's what I did with one of them-

So, remember in school how you used to cut hearts with folded paper, using the fold of the paper as the center line of the heart? Okay, so apply that logic to a butterfly shape... That's how I cut my butterflies out. Except, obviously, with lace.

It wiggles a bit, so you'll need to clean up the edges before you sew them on. 

Line them up how you want them, then pin them in place. If you overlap them how I did, you'll be able to lift edges and sew them on kind of "together."

This was a really quick, easy project that added something fun and different to my wardrobe, without being expensive or uncomfortable!

Here's my finished project:

Have fun!

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