Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Featured Crafter- Lisie's Pieces

We're back to Tuesday again!! This time, we're meeting with Lisa from Lisie's Pieces

During her days, Lisa is a graphic designer. But, once the creative itch starts and her day job can't fill the void, she designs custom, family-inspired artwork. To get time away from the computer, Lisa creates gorgeous, family-inspired jewelry.

She was given the opportunity to work on her designs full time when her company was hit hard by a bad economy and was forced to let her go. A blessing in disguise, I'd say. Two years later, she's working hard on her amazing shop and designing custom pieces for families!

Her shop is full of customizable artwork, mostly based around family trees. It is her signature design, and no two are ever the same. 

The trees are her favorite design to create. She loves when a customer sees the finished proof and is so excited! She is totally flattered that people want to purchase her designs as gifts or to hang in their homes.

What sets Lisie's Pieces apart is not the family tree idea, but they way the family trees are designed. Each one has the family name twisted into the roots, and each is completely hand drawn. There is no font for this part of Lisie's Pieces design... Only the mind and hands of a truly skilled designer.

Her jewelry is stunning, using unique and creative items and colors to make a piece of wearable art that truly pops! Her family tree designs even come as pendants for necklaces and keychains!

To round out your experience, Lisa is very focused on working one-on-one with every customer and ensuring the highest quality of service.

Lisa doesn't get much free time (as I'm sure you can imagine), but when she does, you'll find her at the shooting range with her ladies' club! This crafter is a dangerous one ;)

And now, ladies and gentlemen... My favorite part of this whole deal! Lisa's strange fact is... She met her husband on Myspace! Nowadays, it's becoming more and more common for spouses to meet over the internet. It seems pretty logical to me- you get the chance to have honest conversations with people, without the nerves and distractions of first or blind dates. Overall, it sounds like a pretty reasonable plan to me.

Visiting Lisie's Pieces will make you want to order a family tree for your wall! They are gorgeous, unique, and beautifully crafted. And hey, while you're there, grab a necklace or keychain version as well so you can take your beautiful artwork with you everywhere ;)

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