Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Featured Crafter- Taryn's Treasures

Happy Tuesday, friends!! Man... Christmas is coming up fast, right?! Craziness.

As much as I love winter (and I do), my skin just does NOT agree. It hates the cold, but most of all, the switch in the weather.

I live in California, and even today- in the beginning of November- the sun is out and people are wearing tee-shirts. I personally think they're taking it a bit far with the tees, but hey, it's not my arms that are freezing off at the elbows.

This review for Taryn's Treasures couldn't have come at a better time! My skin is dry and cranky, and I'm not too pleased with it. Taryn's Treasures to the rescuuuuuuuue!!!!

She sent me the most gorgeous little package, filled with bubblegum sugar scrub, a shave bar and bath salts!

 First, the shave bar. Carla sent me an unscented bar, which I'd assume wouldn't have much scent to it (#logic). In that case, I would be wrong.

It isn't necessarily "scented", either, but it does smell amazing. It smells fresh, clean and crisp, while smelling almost outdoorsy. Think "fresh fallen rain on soft earth."

I used the Taryn's Treasures bar to shave my legs, and it takes very little soap to make enough lather to shave with. This 2.9 ounce bar is going to last quite a long time! I also found that I like the shave bar more than traditional shaving cream. 

Man shaving cream smells like man, and lady shaving cream smells sooooo fruity/sweet/girly, I could choke. The shave bar is a beautiful middle ground where legs are clean-shaven without overwhelming fumes of "I'm trying too hard" smells. And they foam up so much, I always end up with 5 bazillion times more than I need in my hand.

*Note- I know a lot of people like those smells, and that's great. It's nice to walk past someone who smells like that. I just really would rather not be that person, you know? Moving right along...

The bubble gum sugar scrub. Oh. My. Word. 

I have never used a sugar scrub before, so prior to using these, I called my sister to ask her what to do with them. Turns out, it's as simple as it seems. I learn something new everyday.

For those of you in the dark, as I was, sugar scrub is an exfoliant that you, well, exfoliate with. Simple as that.

So these little pink orbs... They look inconspicuous enough. They're just little round, pink, somewhat sticky balls. When I initially opened the package, they smelled pretty strong, so I have to admit, I was a tad hesitant at first. 

Once I got one bubble gum scrub out and started exfoliating with it, the true scent of the scrub was released. As I said- Oh. My. Word. They smell amazing. Like, truly awesome. They're a little cinnamony, which I really like. It's that heart-warming, relaxing kind of smell. 

And on to our final item- the Patchouli bath salts. I'm more familiar with bath salts than the sugar scrub (I'm not a total boob), so I was really excited to use them! They release a wonderful smell into the bathroom while you're in the tub. Like the shave bar, the scent is very natural and clean, but the smell of the salts filled the whole room. 

Even after I was done in the bath, I could go back into the bathroom and smell the wonderfulness that is the bath salts smell. I can't say that I noticed them doing much else, but if you're wanting a relaxing bath after a crazy day working/running around/chasing children/wranglin' cattle/doing nothing, these will help get'cha there.

And they look so pretty!

Overall, I have relatively sensitive skin. Not super sensitive, but my skin doesn't like stuff that's different. It reacts unpredictably and fiercely at times, but that was not a bit of issue with Taryn's Treasures. Her bath items come packaged beautifully with care and love. They're labeled in easy to identify ways and live up to, if not exceed, expectations.

I highly recommend having a peek through Taryn's Treasures! Carla is a wonderful, happy lady who is really easy to communicate with. Her shop offers many more items than what's been shown here (including many scents and even baby items).

Yes, you can go shop now ;)

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