Friday, May 23, 2014

Lace Appliqué Shirt Tutorial

So this isn’t so much of a tutorial is it is an idea. It’s pretty simple to do… I’ll tell you in three steps:

1)    Get a lace appliqué. I got mine on Ebay for a really good price. Get a shirt to go with the appliqué you choose.
2)    Pin and hand-stitch the appliqué into place on the shirt.
3)    Cut the shirt from behind the appliqué (carefully).
Here’s what I got from the second-hand store in town. It was also too big, so I took in the elastic a bit to make it more fitted.

I chose this beautiful white peacock appliqué, pinned it into place, and sewed it on! Here’s what the back of the shirt looks like now:

It’s that simple! As long as you can pin something into place and hand stitch it, you can do this DIY!

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