Friday, May 1, 2015

Sweet Pea Designs by Dee- Behind the Scenes

We're experimenting today with a whole new set of questions for the Featured Crafter! I'm calling this one "Behind the Scenes" because this post will provide insight on what Denise of Sweet Pea Designs by Dee finds to be most popular and what it's like for her to run her shop.

Before we get into all that, I'd like to introduce you to Denise! She is the owner and designer of Sweet Pea Designs by Dee, where she makes children's clothing and accessories, including aprons, dresses, bow ties, suspenders, and much more!! In her shop, you'll find many items to make your little girl or boy the cutest they can be!

When Denise was young, she won awards with her art, and has always been an avid crafter. She always thought she would be an artist, but after getting married and having two wonderful children, she stuck a pin in that dream. In 2013, Denise retired and needed something to occupy her time, so she returned to her longtime friend, crafting.

Today, Denise provides adorable items with amazing quality and years of experience to back them. She carefully selects fabrics and designs to bring the best to her shop! Let's hear what she has to say about it all :)

 Do you find your customers to be more inclined towards classic colors and styles?

-My customers seem to like bright colors. My best selling style is the peasant dress.

I can see why this is a best seller. It's adorable.
 Do your most popular colors change with styles, seasons, or otherwise? Or do you find them to stay consistent throughout the year?

-Both. I try to change with the seasons, three quarter length, or long sleeves for Fall and Winter. But I keep sleeveless dresses in my shop as well for those warm weather states.

 When customers return feedback to you, what is the most common compliment you receive?

-I seem to get a lot of compliments on my choice of fabrics and colors.

Aren't these beautiful together!
 As someone who makes and sells childrens' clothing- if you could tell all of your customers one thing about your life or your shop that they might not know, what would it be?

-I love my customers! I so enjoy making clothes for all those little Sweet Peas out there and I love seeing pictures. I put my heart and soul into every item I make.

 How to you choose fabrics for your non-custom dresses? Do some colors and patterns speak to you more than others?

-The fabric definitely speaks to me! Some fabric just seem to jump out at me and I know exactly what to coordinate with it. Sometimes though I hold fabrics for weeks before I find just the perfect fabric to coordinate with it.

And now you know!! Next time you're ordering a custom dress from Denise, you'll have a bit better knowledge of her and how much love she puts into every item she makes.

Happy Shopping!


  1. Denise has wonderful shop, full of adorable clothes for little girls. If only I have a little girl. Wishing her much success.

  2. Denise has wonderful shop, full of adorable clothes for little girls. If only I have a little girl. Wishing her much success.