Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Father's Day Gift Ideas

In the handmade world, men tend to be overlooked. Sorry, guys. We really don't mean to. It's not like we have a secret club of crafty women, sitting around, cackling, and planning how to exclude the menfolk. We don't have the time to collectively plot against you. It's just that there's not that much stuff to hand-make for guys, especially grown men. Extra especially- manly men.

So, you throw us a challenge. Generally, you don't even shop that much. My husband would be happy to never have to shop for anything again. He recently learned our Safeway delivers groceries. I didn't tell him for a reason. I'm never going to get to go anywhere again. C'est la vie, folks.

However, even in the face of adversity, you can always find someone, somewhere, who will prevail. I have located some of these people, and I have also rounded up some great ideas for Father's Day gifts (free and/or handmade ideas).

Let's start with handmade items.

Our first item is a super funky and fun picture frame from Handmade Moms LLC! It is creatively adorned with computer keys, perfect for the tech fan!

Adore by Nat brings us this amazing Father's Day/ Dad's Birthday card! It's perfect for the handyman dad that can fix anything in his domain! The amount of texture is really unique and gives a personal feel.

Next up, we have Shabby Chic Soap Company and her collage of awesomeness for dad. She has so many great gifts for men! From Dr. Who soap to The Death Star, from "tumble in the mud" to "beer connoisseur", she's got you covered.

Lisie's Pieces has this super unique and manly shell casing tie clips! They're great for the dad who loves to hunt or shoot in his free time, but has to look professional at work.

Nerdtastic is always there to help out the nerdy men! This time, she suggests her new pewter tag necklaces! Her hubby rocks them all the time, so the nerdy dad in your life should, too!

Last, but certainly not least, on our handmade items, we have KyElle Kreations with two manly wreaths! One is hunting inspired and the other fishing, so for dads who like to do it all, order both!

Now for our (mostly) free DIY section!

All this idea takes is a sheet of cardstock/scrapbook paper- DAD glasses

I printed these out for my favorite dad for his birthday last year. He thought they were hilarious and wore them around most of the night. Print here!

This next one goes fantastically along side Shabby Chic's muddy soap! Dad's who love four wheeling and riding in the mud will appreciate this card for sure! Get the printable here!

Also matchy-matchy with Shabby Chic, these bottle labels are fun and add a very visible theme to the day! Printable found here.

This is another I did for hubbs on his birthday from Little Odin, and he loved it! They come out so super cute and can be painted with Mod Podge (or a sealant) to make them keep forever!

Happy Father's Day, dads!!

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