Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Eating Cheap- Crock Pot Chile Verde

Given, this is a little off topic. It’s a bit different from our normal crafty stuff, but it’s worth it.

I want to preface this recipe (quickly) by saying that I despise cooking. I hate it. There are few necessary things in life that I loathe more than dealing with preheating a stove or thawing hamburger. I. Hate. Cooking.

With that said, I love my Crock Pot. If you don’t have one, you should get one, because you can make everything from breakfast to dessert with them. I love to throw my ingredients in before I go to bed at night and turn it off in the morning. Instant dinner. Is there a better way to wake up than to dinner already done for that night? No. No there is not.

So this Chile Verde. It’s pretty yummy. Like, really yummy. And crazy easy, which is even better. I’ll sacrifice taste for simplicity most days of the week, but with this dish, there is no trade off.

Here are your ingredients:

1 lb. Chile Verde Pork (or a small pork roast. Whatevs.)
1 Jar Chile Verde Sauce
2-4 Limes (depending on your personal tastes)
¼-½ Mango (also, depending on your tastes)

If you want to, you can totally exclude the last two ingredients and just roll with a jar of sauce and a slab of pork. I won’t judge. I’ve been there.

Put the pork in the bottom of the crock pot. Pour the entire jar of sauce on top.

Cut your limes into ¼’s and your mangoes into small chunks, leaving the rind/skin intact.

Lay the fruits on top of the pork and sauce, rind/skin side up.

Let it cook (covered) for 8 hours on low (6 hours on high), then take the lid off and let it sit.

We’re simple around here. We like to put the pork in a tortilla with cheese, beans, sour cream, onions, and cilantro (provided we have some). It’s delicious, simple, and likely a change from your daily menu!

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