Thursday, October 23, 2014

Earring Refashion: Giving Your Old Earrings New Life

I bought these earrings so long ago that they’re a little tarnished and dingy looking. I really like them but I haven’t worn them in forever because they’re not quite silver colored anymore.  This earring rebirth doesn't require much in the way of work it just takes a while because you have to let your polish dry completely before you move onto the next coat. The end result is totally worth the wait and watching paint dry.

What you need:
  •  Pair of old earrings. I used some plain silver danglies I got from Claire’s like a million years ago.
  • Nail polish (I used 2 colors but feel free to use only 1
  • Clothes pins (to hang your earrings dry)

Step 1 – Starting with your first color (or only color) give your earrings a nice even coat. Make sure you don’t have any spots where the color pools because it will end up lumpy and will take longer to dry. Let sit for about 30 minutes.

Step 2 – Using your first color again, give your earrings another nice even coat. This helps cover any blemishes and also makes the color brighter. Let sit for another 30 minutes

Step 3 – Using your second color (or your only color) give a nice and even final coat. Since the coat of polish is so thick you should let your earrings hang dry for at least an hour so you don’t end up accidentally making indents into the polish.

I’ve got a few more pairs that I’m going to do this to and I hope you were able to find this tutorial/refashion helpful. I’d love to see your finished projects!

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