Thursday, August 6, 2015

Women's Equality Day

Quick note- As I write this, I'm realizing this is my favorite collection ever. For Women's Equality Day. It couldn't be more appropriate. Sorry to burst in like that. And, GO!

Did you know Women's Equality Day is August 26? Good to know, right?! As super awesome, hand-making, stuff-selling, business-running, challenge-tackling, gangstress-as-can-be ladies, we have one thing in common- the desire to make stuff that makes people happy. Since we're ladyfolk, we can't really help but relate to other ladyfolk. 

We have stuff made for every kind of lady. Ones who like pink, and ones who don't. Ones who like to drive trucks in the mud, and ones who prefer delicate jewelry. Ones who like to wear bold accessories, and ones who prefer knick-knacks. I could sit here and list types of women all day, but who's got the patience for that? Not me.

Moving along- we figured we'd show you some all-around awesome stuff. In a couple weeks, we have another post that will go live on Women's Equality Day. It will have stories of awesome women and how they have impacted our sections of the world. Keep an eye out for that!

Now, if you've been with me long, you know how I feel about Weil'd Hair Accessories. I'm addicted. It's a little creepy. I'm big enough to admit that.

You see, she understands that girls like "boy" stuff too, like fantasy stories with dragons and crazy ice zombies and the most badass female protagonist (maybe?) in mainstream media today (arguably). Yeah, you know the one. So she saw these figures and (because she's a genius) thought "necklace pendants!!!" My friend and I benefited from this moment of pure craft clarity. She made these-

 -and although these belong to me and the aforementioned friend, she can make them for you too (or ones like it, or ones with other figures, or pretty much whatever you can imagine). And then you can be gloriously adorned, just like us. They can also be car rear view mirror hanger thingies, if that's how you roll. 

If you're ready to ascend to that level of awesomeness, I have a proposal for you YOU NEED THESE. 

Lucky Dog Access (whom I may start creeping on, too) got a literal, audible squeal of joy from me when I saw these. Like, come on. Look. 

Khaleesi and Jon Snow are 17 oz mugs, which is a great size, and I love the shape. These are handwash safe, and can be made for lefties or righties. You can also choose from a wide variety of colors for the lettering!

If these are your thing, you understand me right now. If not, I'm sorry, but you can drool over this next one...

Pelhauz. Words are tough for me with this shop. I don't know how to accurately convey the feel of this shop. Everything is simple, yet intricate. Classic and clean, but with a pop. I know that makes little sense, but it's true. You just have to click the link and look. You'll see.

She made this necklace just for this occasion, and it couldn't be more perfect. It's perfect for you, your mom, your aunt, sister, grandma, great grandma, cousin, second cousin, friend at work, mom friend... All ladies. It's gorgeous, simple, and the message is empowering. You couldn't ever ask more from a necklace. Just wait until you see the killer price!

This last one is last for one reason: Shabby Chic Soap Company left me in charge of picking the item from her shop for this list. ME! Well, this is what happens when I'm given to much power.

Shabby Chic Soap Co. rocks my socks. I use her soap all.the.time. It's not drying, not oily, overpoweringly fragrant (but I bet you could ask for that), or overpriced. Her variety is huge, the selection covers all ages and interests, and her customer service is absolutely fabulous. 

So, because I'm given a wild amount of power on this (and it's 2:26 am and I get a little loopy late at night/early in the morning), I'm going to throw a whole bunch of stuff at you. Scroll on through, friend.

Dr. Who soap!

You are Khaleesi.

For awesome ladies who shoot people.

Remember, I mentioned the mud?

Star Wars isn't a "guy" thing. It's a "cool movie" thing.

Because some of us are nerds who also love pretty stuff. 

Ummmm space bath bombs?! Yeah.

Not all girls are afraid of spiders. 
See? It was crazy. I really had to be choosy, too. For real. There's more.

Well, now you know. If you're a super cool lady, or you know a super cool lady, consider a gift on this list!


  1. I love all of these! Amazing handmade products!

  2. Part of the reason I love telling you to pick is I love seeing what you choose! LOL!

    This is a great list of women empowering items from some awesome women-run businesses. :)

  3. Amazing list and such talent! Thank you for including my mugs!