Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Outdoor Handmade

Summer is in full swing, and most people are spending more time outside this month than any other month of the year (probably). To make your surroundings enjoyable while you're outside, we've put together a sample of some of the amazing outdoor handmade items available!

First up, we have Weil'd Hair and Accessories with her adorable Apple Picking Chunky Necklace. For parents/aunties/grandmas/uncles/grandpas that like taking photos of memorable family outings (such as apple picking), this necklace offers a great opportunity to accessorize the girlies without any effort!

Handmade Moms LLC always has beautifully simple wreaths available in her shop, year round. This one in particular is great for an adorable beach bungalow, or to make a normal house feel like one! It's simple enough to match with any color door and surrounding decorations, but has enough detail to really bring a theme together.

From Ky*Elle Kreations, we have a totally different theme of wreath! Although simple and stunning like the one above, this will provide a country feel to your home! The giant sunflower wreath is wonderfully neutral in color to match with your existing decor. 

While you're apple picking or admiring your beautiful new decorations, you could be drinking your tea or coffee in this adorable Hello Sunshine mug from Lucky Dog Access! It's so bright and sparkly, how could you not start your day right with this mug?

No matter what you choose to do this summer, enjoy it ;) 

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