Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Best Sellers 2015

2015 was an interesting year, folks. A lot happened, but I think the event that summarizes the weirdness of last year is this- Kanye wants to run for president. What a time to be alive.

Selling handmade gives us a glimpse of the world through shoppers- what people were into spending money on in 2015. It may seem mundane, but it's quite interesting when you think about how attached to money people generally are. They normally don't just give it away for nothing, so lots of people buying one thing from one shop means something. It shows what an average person was interested in during 2015. 

For this reason, we've done our research, and across many different types of shops, found what people were most interested in spending money on in 2015.

First up, Pelhuaz- Her tassle necklaces were her number one seller in 2015! This doesn't surprise me, personally. I see this becoming a thing people are interested in more and more. They're beautiful, simple, but unique and colorful. As far as jewelry goes, it's a great way to mix simplicity and style. 

In jewelry for kids, Viv & Olive has found that her "Dainty Meets Chunky" necklaces have been the most popular. Again, we're finding the best of both worlds. Big, dramatic beads, matched with simple, small beads. The big beads bring personality to the necklace, while the small balance it out. They're kind of amazing, if you didn't already know that.

From Heart and Soles, we have "Five Nights at Freddy's" painted shoes. This is a horror-inspired video game, which is apparently being turned into a movie as well. There's a pretty good customer base for this game, which to those who have never heard of it, might be a bit of a surprise. 2015 was a year for video games, definitely, so it's very telling that video game shoes are a top seller! Nerds unite!

From Handmade Moms LLC, we have a gorgeous seashell wreath as a best seller. Even with all the madness of 2015, people didn't let it get in their way of loving simple and classic things. Seashells are so beautiful and remind so many people of vacations with family, quiet days reading, and time spent with a new love. Something for the home that reminds people of wonderful days will always be a hit, no matter what year!

Shea Chick Soap Co. found that her most popular item was her galaxy bath bombs! People in 2015 were becoming more aware of taking care of themselves individually, and space has totally become a cool thing to love. If you need proof, check out Cats in Space Quoting Scientists on Facebook. Yeah. You're welcome. 

Nerdtastic found that her Teen Wolf BFF necklace was her biggest seller, followed very closely by her lip balm. I haven't seen Teen Wolf, so I can't speak to that, but BFF necklaces are coming back with a fiery vengeance, and I welcome their return. (Hell, I bought matching Millennium Falcon necklaces for me and my husband because we're dorks like that.) Anyway, I think the lip balm can be pretty easily explained by people realizing that handmade is better than store bought in many cases (one of them being self-care products). 

Adore by Nat found her super cute elephant cupcake toppers to be her best selling item of 2015. Last year, people loved cupcakes and people loved elephants. Of course people would love elephants on cupcakes. The play on size alone is fun, being that elephants are huge and cupcakes are mini cakes, but elephants were also a super common baby shower theme (I'm in my late twenties. Everyone around me is having babies. I would know.). This is a trend that can continue forever and I'll never tire of it. The elephant trend, that is ;)

Let's see what 2016 brings!

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