Sunday, December 6, 2015

Holiday Parties

Gather 'round, friends, as I paint you a word picture of holiday parties. 

Once a year, we are lucky enough to have this magical season called "winter" (sorry to rub it in, Florida people). It gets cold outside, and the weather gets ugly, but something happens in our hearts. It's our season of giving, sharing, and being with those we love. We gather together to show appreciation for each other, which is something many people can't be bothered to do throughout the year. 

Now, many of us keep it simple with these parties. But many of us go over the top and decorate like mad. We cook too much, have some drinks, dress up pretty, give gifts, and make sure every person present marvels at the details of our party. This post is for those people.

As holiday parties are concerned, Sweet Pea Designs by Dee is marvelous! Little girls dazzle in the dresses, and little boys look so dapper in her bow tie sets. From teeny babies to middle-sized children, they can all look fabulous rockin' their Sweet Pea Designs. With many colors available, you're sure to fit your theme or favorite color!

Viv and Olive has got great necklaces to coordinate with Sweet Pea's beautiful outfits! In any color and theme you could possibly dream up, Viv and Olive puts great care and skill into each piece. I own quite a few myself (I'm a shopaholic. I believe we've covered this is other posts), and all of the beads and findings are great quality and so beautiful! Seeing as I'm not a small child, Viv and Olive's necklaces are for ladies, too!

For the hostess (whether that's you or you're giving a hostess gift), nothing could be more perfect than Bayouvue's beautiful red granite marbled clay necklace! The color pops beautifully, without being overpowering or wild. Added to a simple or ornate chain, it'll be gorgeous however its worn! Also made with quality materials and skilled workmanship, you would never be disappointed with Bayouvue!

Since this is a party post, we obviously can't pass up on Adore by Nat. She is your main source for all things party! All of her items are great, but these little gift tags are fantastic for holiday parties! They're easy to tie on to gifts and really add something special to the gift. Not giving gifts to your party-goers? Use them as wine glass and bottle tags! They'll look so cute sitting out, and every person will be so impressed with your awesome foresight and planning. You. Are. Welcome.

If paper tags aren't your thing, Nerdtastic has awesome inspired wine glass charms! Are you in a group of nerdy people? Because they will be super impressed at your ability to find geeky wine charms. I mean, that's a special thing to find! People will be like "OMG where did you get those?!" You'll smile coyly, and say "Nerdtastic, duh."

If you're a minimalist decorator (or getting a host/hostess gift for a minimalist), this wreath from Handmade Moms LLC really brings the holiday spirit with it! Covered in silver bells, this white wreath will look beautiful, and ear worm everyone who sees it. Double win.

Lastly, but probably most importantly (for us jokesters, anyway), Shea Chick Soap Co. has lumps of coal. Yes, you read that right. Lumps of coal soap. These are for those people who misbehave at your holiday parties, or whom you know have been naughty this year! Is your party hostess just a little bit twisted? Does she have slightly unruly (in the good way) children? Get them coal. The joke will be much appreciated, and they'll have something they can use everyday!


  1. Well-written! You're simply amazing, Bethany! Thank you :-)

  2. Well-written! You're simply amazing, Bethany! Thank you :-)